Christmas is a special day. It is prepared earlier and earlier to make family moments even more magical. It is also the period when we decorate the whole space with light and color.

There are hundreds of kits available at online stores. Choosing the right Christmas lights for your home can take hours of searching through the lists. However, I’ve done the hard work for you in this review. With the best Christmas lights, you are sure to find the decor for your home.

Nevertheless, you have to understand your decor needs when choosing the perfect Christmas garland. A traditional home in the suburbs will have different decor requirements and themes than a modern apartment in the city.

Top 6 Best Christmas Garland: Reviews

  1. LORRYTE Solar String Lights Outdoor
  2. ANOTHERME Christmas Garland
  3. Toodour Christmas Icicle Lights
  4. Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light
  5. Brightown Outdoor Patio String Lights
  6. OakHaomie Starry String Lights

1. LORRYTE Solar String Lights Outdoor

LORRYTE Solar String Lights Outdoor

This 4 pack of solar Christmas lights have a waterproof IP65 enclosure and contains 400 LEDs. No wires required, just place the solar panel where there is sunlight and the lights will work automatically. You have 8 lighting modes to suit your desires.

2. ANOTHERME Christmas Garland

ANOTHERME Christmas Garland

This lightweight Christmas tree garland placed on a balustrade, around a door or window is the perfect Christmas decoration and will warmly decorate both your exterior and your interior on winter days. This 5 meter light Christmas tree garland has 80 LEDs. It is IP44.

3. Toodour Christmas Icicle Lights

Toodour Christmas Icicle Lights

This LED garland creates a happy and festive atmosphere to celebrate your party, Christmas. Easy to install, it turns on and off automatically. The outlet is a mini-transformer, low voltage, safe and reliable for indoor decoration. With 360 LEDs that can be used outdoors even on rainy days with IP44 protection.

4. Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star Window Curtain String Light

When you are going to buy this type of product, always look at the safety points on the packaging. This model has a system that controls the voltage and protects the unit from possible short circuits. With a 31V, you have nothing to worry about for your safety. Even your pets will be able to move around freely near it without danger. If ever your power supply experiences a few moments of instability, the system will automatically turn off the garland.

Thus, risks are eliminated. Thanks to the connectors installed on each side of the garland. You can freely connect it to another to get a longer length.

5. Brightown Outdoor Patio String Lights

Brightown Outdoor Patio String Lights

The garland comes with 52 G40 bulbs to light up your evenings. The bulbs are 7 watts, enough to immerse you in a soft and pleasant atmosphere, but not enough to increase your electric bill. You can use it all night long. The bulb is 2.54 cm in diameter and can be operated from either 110 volts or 230 volts.

6. OakHaomie Starry String Lights

OakHaomie Starry String Lights

These garlands of original shape and incredible lightness are just waiting to be turned on to shine brightly. They are made of copper wire and have a small battery box. If you want to mount them outside, you don’t have to worry about your safety. They are waterproof, IP65. Depending on the case, you can even put them in water for an even more magical effect.

Be careful though, the battery case is not waterproof. It’s best to make sure it doesn’t touch water or protect it effectively.

Buying Guide Christmas Garland

Like any other decorative item (wreaths, candles, Christmas balls, lanterns, Christmas trees…), it’s not always easy to find the right Christmas garland. To help you, here are the basic parameters to consider:

The space you want to decorate

The type, length and type of power source depends mostly on the space you want to decorate. The Christmas tree, the doors, the stairs, the holiday table, the living room… All of these can be decorated with decorative garlands. You have a choice between classic garlands, electric garlands, LED garlands, homemade decorations, sparkling balls…

For your interior decorations, we recommend string lights that are resistant to moisture and meet the IP44 standard . For outdoor decor, choose models that are resistant to both moisture and dust, and if possible, choose waterproof garland. Solar garlands can also be an interesting option.

A style or theme to look out for

Most households prefer to decorate their home according to a certain theme or according to a predetermined style. Here’s how they choose their type of decorations. If you’re banking on a fairly festive atmosphere (like Scandinavian style) full of simplicity, favor light, pastel and neutral tones.

On the other hand, if you especially like bright, shiny colors reminiscent of Christmas, multicolored LED lights, shiny balls, bright colors such as red, green, orange, yellow… are great. Soft colors will allow you to decorate your home with a romantic atmosphere.

Type of bulbs

The type of bulbs used in each Christmas garland affects the quality and level of light intensity. So-called classic or incandescent bulbs emit relatively high heat. They consume much more energy than LEDs. On today’s market, they come in different shapes: round, square, spiral, long…

Material of manufacture

The models of light garlands on the market are usually made of materials such as copper, plastic, ABS… If you are looking for a more flexible model, abandon the plastic and choose instead copper and ABS. Indeed, they tend to be easier to handle. It will be easy to fold and unfold. There are also garlands made of reflective paper or recycled materials.


You have a choice between a simple or more elaborate Christmas garland. If traditional garlands don’t offer many options , luminous and solar garlands can offer you many possibilities. The most interesting features that are often found in today’s models are:

  • Speed
  • Flashing
  • Color variation
  • Music box
  • Moving or fixed lights


Does rain affect outdoor Christmas lights?

Most outdoor Christmas lights come with shielded cables suitable for outdoor use. Make sure your Christmas lights are certified to be weatherproof. Lights that are not waterproof pose an electrical shock hazard in the home.

How do I install Christmas lights in the garden?

When hanging lights in the garden, attach them to fences, trees, barnes and any other structures. It’s amazing what you can do with a bunch of garland.

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