Whether at work or at home, you will need a cordless table lamp. However, it is important to know what kind of product you really need. We advise you to pay attention to the design, the light source and the height adjustment. These are important criteria that will guide your purchase. You will also find a few products in our comparison that may be right for you. This is the case of EECO White , which is equipped with a backlight that can protect your eyes during use. By taking it, you will be able to choose the level of brightness you want. The Omeril Cordless Flex Neck is a practical object. It can be used as additional lighting for your work area. It also acts as a nightlight. Cordless, it has a rechargeable battery that charges via USB. Its functions are controlled on the touch surface.

Top 5 Best Cordless Table Lamps: Review

  1. Mlambert LED Desk Lamp
  2. O’Bright LED Desk Lamp
  3. Kwmobile folding LED Desk Lamp
  4. Etekcity LED Desk Lamp
  5. OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp

Below are detailed reviews of each model.

1. Mlambert LED Desk Lamp

Mlambert LED Desk Lamp

This wireless LED table lamp can satisfy you because you can adjust its brightness according to what you are going to use it for. Indeed, the manufacturer offers 3 levels that you can easily select with the touch button. This allows you to personalize your use and choose the level of brightness to your liking.

This device uses Mlambert LEDs that have recently hit the market. These components emit light that effectively protects your eyes. The latter will not get tired as this equipment is equipped with a flicker-free lighting system. Therefore, this equipment is suitable for all kinds of activities such as studying or reading.

This article is equipped with a base made of quality materials to ensure the stability of everything. As for the lever, this item can be adjusted 360°. However, you can choose any position you want.

  • Functionality: to help you determine where to buy the best cordless table lamp, we recommend that you consider this option. Once you accept it, you can choose from the brightness levels offered.
  • Efficiency: the technology built into this light is designed to protect your vision. Therefore, its use has no negative impact on your eyes.

  • Unsatisfactory: after trying to compare this product with their old lamps, some customers state that the range of this lamp is very limited.

2. O’Bright LED Desk Lamp

O’Bright LED Desk Lamp

The O’Bright brand has this model of table lamp in its range. It is a white light material. It is produced by an LED lamp. It has a power of 4,5 watts. Its light output is 400 lumens. 

On the practical side, this model literally meets every requirement. It does feature a 22 cm long flexible neck. It can be oriented in all directions, both vertically and horizontally. Its silicone coating gives it a nice touch as well as good durability. 

This wireless table lamp is equipped with a lithium polymer battery. It has a capacity of 1000 mAh. A USB charging cable comes with this equipment. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to power source. Indeed, this device is compatible with the smartphone charger as well as the power supply. Otherwise, you can also charge this bulb from a laptop or desktop computer. When fully charged, it has a maximum battery life of 8 hours.

  • Good brightness: this lamp provides excellent lighting. Very handy for illuminating a work plan or just for reading in the evening. Night light is also practical.
  • Satisfactory battery life: with less than 3 hours of charging, this lamp can burn for 5 to 8 hours. It can also be charged from different types of sources.  
  • Color Temperature: Soft White (3000K).

  • Blinking: when charging, some people are bothered by the blinking of the light.

3. Kwmobile folding LED Desk Lamp with 360° viewing angle

kwmobile Foldable LED Desk Lamp

Unlike a corded table lamp, cordless models are less bulky. Also, their design is generally more modern, as evidenced by this model. Flexible, this lamp can take a variety of shapes. Moreover, in addition to pink, this model is also available in black, gold, silver and charcoal gray.     

When unfolded, this lamp will be 55.2 cm long, 6.6 cm wide and 1 cm thick. As a result, it is still compact and can be placed on a nightstand or hung on the wall. As for lighting, know that this lamp emits white light and has three intensity levels ranging from 100, 50 to 0%. Also note that this model includes more than 25 LEDs. 

Durable, its construction is made entirely of aluminum, so it will last a long time. As for the power source, this lamp works thanks to a lithium battery. As for autonomy, the latter is estimated at more than 3 hours. After this time, simply plug in the micro USB cable and wait for the battery to charge. By the way, this lamp comes with a storage bag and a wall bracket.

  • Durable: since aluminum is a very strong material, this lamp will last a long time. In addition, its flexibility will not cause any problems.    
  • Stable: contrary to what you might think, this lamp will always remain as stable no matter how tall it is.
  • Good light level: With 25 LEDs and three light levels, this fixture remains very effective.  
  • Convenient: The fact that it is flexible allows for several types of installation. 

  • Discharges very quickly: when set to the third level, the battery drains very quickly. Nevertheless, this light will continue to work even while it is charging.

4. Etekcity LED Desk Lamp Kids

Etekcity Etekcity LED Desk Lamp Kids

This Etekcity table lamp, mainly designed for children, has a wider application. It features 16 LED bulbs arranged in a crown. Thanks to these high-quality bulbs, this model has a lifespan of about 38,000 hours. 

At 3.2 watts, its light intensity can be adjusted to 3 levels. The first has an intensity of 60 lux. The second level is 200 lux, and the last level corresponds to 450 lux. You can also direct its light output thanks to a flexible rod. It can rotate 360° and tilt at will. 

The height of 17.52 inches is quite sufficient for various purposes. In addition, this model has a decorative light. The latter is integrated into the base. It can be activated independently of the main lighting. The controls are tactile for these two modes. You can select the color of the night light. To do this, simply swipe your finger on the palette. The light diffused in this way changes from blue to purple through red. 

This lamp is mostly made of plastic. It includes a lithium-ion battery. It is charged via a 5V/1A USB cable. So you can use your PC’s USB port or your smartphone or tablet charger to charge the battery. A potbank wouldn’t hurt either. This bulb is very energy efficient. It also saves space and fits perfectly on the bedside table in a child’s room.

  • Multifunctional lamp: this lamp is suitable for any use. It is suitable for crafts, homework, or as a night light in a child’s room.
  • Playful: a nice lamp base that glows in different colors. And even a child can modify this light.
  • Easy to use: this lamp is very easy to handle. Touch control is convenient. Charging can also be done from different devices.

  • Changing colors: changing the color of the night light is not automatic. You have to do it manually every time.

5. OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp

OttLite Creative Curves LED Desk Lamp

If at this point you’re still wondering which cordless table lamp is the best on the market, focus on this model. It’s a flashlight with a rechargeable battery. Simply plug it into your laptop with a USB cable. Once it’s fully charged, you can move it anywhere.

Purchasing this equipment will allow you to benefit from great reliability. You should know that it has been tested to protect it from short circuits. This product is not expensive at all, but it includes advanced features that enhance the usability. Indeed, it is designed to be tactile. In addition, you can choose the intensity you want.

The design of this material is also approved by the manufacturer. It adopts a modern style with its white color. It can be installed in the office or on a bedside table. It is also possible to connect the base and the top of the unit.

  • Practical: this product is sold at a lower price, easily powered through a USB cable. Once charging is complete, you can use it without the need for power.
  • Quality: The manufacturer has done several tests on this product so that it can withstand temperature fluctuations. All of this reinforces the safety of using this material.

  • Questionable performance: customers who have tested this product report that the battery doesn’t hold up long enough. Indeed, they had to be recharged quite often during several hours of use.

Buying Guide

A cordless table lamp is now an essential item for working in complete peace and with maximum comfort. Don’t neglect lighting your workplace, it’s essential to protect your eyes and combat fatigue, but it also plays a decorative role in your office. Here’s our guide to buying the best cordless desk lamps with the following basic selection criteria: design, light source and height settings.


A cordless desk lamp is much more than just an item to illuminate your workplace. This lighting accessory will also play a great decorative role in your office. Our price comparison offers you different types of designs from which you can choose according to your style and personal taste.

One of the biggest advantages of a cordless table lamp is that it can be transported and moved around at any time without having to systematically turn the lamp off and on. In addition to this great freedom of movement and use, the new cordless table lamp technology is both very inventive and very aesthetically pleasing in terms of design. Whatever decorative ambiance you choose for your office, you will find a wireless desk lamp with the right design: colors, patterns or even materials…

Source of light

Among the tips that could be given, also ask yourself what light source you are going to choose before you look for where to buy a new cordless desk lamp. You can opt for a wireless table lamp with an LED bulb. The advantage of this light source is that it is very energy efficient. But it also offers a long lifespan, much longer than conventional and traditional bulbs. As a worthwhile investment, it doesn’t get any better than that!

In addition, there are also cordless table lamps on the market that can change the color of the bulbs to your liking to create real games of light. If you are looking for originality, opt for this type of lighting.

Height Settings

How to buy a cordless table lamp with the best value for money? If today we can find several models of wireless table lamps, this lack of a connecting cable is also complemented by the ability to adjust the height. Indeed, this modern accessory is always more effective and always more necessary to make your life easier.

To the delight of users, the cordless desk lamp can also be adjusted in height. To illuminate your desk with powerful light, you can adjust the height of the desk lamp to suit your needs. To create indirect or even directional lighting depending on your activities, adjusting the height of your wireless desk lamp can really help you.

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