Not so long ago, we couldn’t imagine being free of all the wires that surround our computer items, but an ancient technology is knocking all the wires out of our phones and computers. This technology, invented by Nikola Tesla, is induction, which allows energy to be transferred between two devices without wires.

We won’t go into the technical details of this process, but it’s good to know that its applications are numerous today. It is no coincidence that brands such as Apple have decided to incorporate wireless charging into their latest iPhone models.

Today we are interested in the complementarity of LED lighting with wireless charging, which allows you to do away with traditional charging and still enjoy the benefits of the latest generation of light. The wireless lamp with induction charger is becoming legion in the market and provides many services in everyday life. However, to find the best induction lamp, you need to pay attention to various technical points that can affect the quality of the light as well as the charging speed of your mobile device.

Therefore, in order to make an informed choice, it is necessary to consider the various technical elements that make up the product in order to choose the device that meets your needs. To this end, we have compiled a list of criteria that make it easier to choose your wireless induction charger lamp. Of course, the price will affect the performance of the device, but you can find great value for money, as shown by these three models below.

Top 3 Best Desk Lamp With Wireless Charging: Reviews

  1. WILIT A13 Bedside Lamp
  2. Dott Arts Table Lamp
  3. XYSCPDM LED Night Light

1. WILIT A13 Bedside Lamp Wireless Induction Charger

WILIT A13 Bedside Lamp Wireless Induction Charger

The elegance of this model makes it a product worth highlighting in your home. The 12-watt LED light makes it a designer bedside or table lamp. You can modulate the lighting to suit your needs with a responsive device. The light is calibrated for 3900 Kelvin, which makes it a nice neutral white with no blue notes in the spectrum. It charges automatically and fairly quickly since this model is a 5V 1 amp charger.

WILIT Touch bedside lamp with wireless charger for bedroom, touch night light with 3 brightness levels

  • 3 levels of brightness for the bedside lamp. The bedside lamp has 3 levels of brightness: low, medium and high.
  • Touch Bedside Lamp. Touch the lamp lever to change the light mode. ON/OFF and brightness adjustment.
  • Easy on the eye and environmentally friendly. The minimalist nightlight lamp uses environmentally friendly ABS material.
  • Charging function. The nightlight features a 5W wireless charger. Simply place your smartphone.
  • Charge indicator. The table lamp is equipped with a charging indicator.
  • The only color option: white.

We like: The nice plastic finish of this lamp and its original adjustable backlight, which makes it especially nice. The overall consumption is very low at 12 watts, and there is enough illumination for ambient lighting.

2. Dott Arts Table Lamp With Induction Charger

Dott Arts Table Lamp With Induction Charger

This LED lamp has different color and light intensity settings. You can choose from these colors: 2800 & 3400 & 4500 & 5600 Kelvin. This is very useful for switching from a light and soft light to something more intense for better working conditions.

On the induction charger side, we also have a 5V at 1 amp, which leaves a charge equivalent to a wired USB charger. So this product is practical, and the 5 watt light is effective for use near your desk.

LED table lamp, wireless charger, Dott Arts fast wireless charging 4 colors and 5 brightness levels, tactile bedside lamp eye protection for reading, working.

  • USB and wireless charging. Table lamp with wireless base and built-in USB port. Just place a compatible phone.
  • Light and brightness mode. Table lamp with 5 light levels and 4 colors, each varying from white light.
  • 1-2 hour timer. Use the included timer to set the duration and brightness time from 1 to 2 hours.
  • Eye protection. The HAT LED table lamp provides clearer vision and excellent eye protection.
  • Less glamorous than its predecessor, this model is best suited for a corner desk, for example. This desk lamp has an LED light and an induction charger located right on its base.
  • The only color option: black.
  • The cordless bedside lamp is mostly made of plastic.

3. XYSCPDM LED Night Light With Wireless Charger

XYSCPDM LED Night Light With Wireless Charger

We round out our selection with an original product that allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly and also charge a nightlight that you can use in your room or in the baby’s room.

The nightlight has a warm light, the intensity of which can be adjusted. This product can be easily moved around and placed next to your child during evening reading. This lamp has a long life after charging (maximum 50 hours).

XYSCPDM LED bedside table lamp with fast wireless charger

Wireless Quick Charge Panel. This charging cradle can charge your light and phone at the same time. 

  • Eye-friendly LED light. The warm white 3000K light is not too bright so it won’t hurt your eyes.
  • Touch control. Easily switch between dim and bright light with a single touch sensor – press and hold.
  • Unique Design. The folding concealed hook, adjustable at any angle, allows you to hang it anywhere.
  • The only color option: white.
  • The cordless bedside lamp is mostly made of plastic.

How to Choose the Right Table Lamp With Wireless Charging?

Table lamp with wireless charging – this is a fairly new technology, which has not yet been strongly implemented in our lives. Therefore, the number of models of lighting devices is still limited. However, even from the assortment that is presented in the market today, it can take a long time to choose the right option. In order not to make a mistake, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Check to see if your phone can be charged by a particular table lamp. Typically, light fixtures work with QI charging protocols. If your smartphone’s battery is different, ask the consultant if you can purchase a special adapter (receiver). Otherwise you will be able to charge your mobile device solely through the usb cord.
  2. Choose the brightness of the light depending on the purpose for which you are buying the lamp. If you are just looking for a lighting fixture for your room, you can choose a product with less brightness or a smaller number of modes. While for work or study, you should look for a model with the brightest LED lighting.
  3. Choosing a lighting fixture, be guided by the design of the room or office. In most cases, these lamps have a laconic design and are ideal for work offices.
  4. In addition to the direct function, as well as charging smartphones, such desk lamps can also have additional options. For example, sleep mode. By pressing a special button, you can set the so-called rest mode, which usually comes after 45 minutes. When the time expires, the lamp will start flashing, giving a signal to rest.


How Does A Lamp With Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless charging technology has existed for quite some time. The principle of its operation is quite simple: the manufacturer puts an induction coil in the smartphone. Another exactly the same coil is placed in the charger. Thus the first coil is used as a receiver. While the second is able to transmit electricity. As soon as the desk lamp is connected to the mains (220 volts), a voltage is created inside and a magnetic field appears around the coil. It can then transmit a charge to a cell phone.

How Long Does A Battery Lamp Last When Fully Charged?

A fully charged battery lasts on average 4-8 hours. Also the battery life depends on the brightness setting. With a low light, the lamp can run for a full 8 hours, with a medium light – 6 hours, with a very bright light – 3-4 hours.

Also, when buying a wireless lamp, pay attention to the type of battery, which can be disposable or rechargeable. Buying a cordless table lamp with a very large battery capacity is always more profitable. Everyone needs a lighting fixture that will work for long hours. The more wattage, the more convenient it is.

The third important parameter is the lighting settings. Look for lights where you can adjust the temperature of the light from cool to warm depending on whether you’re reading in bed or solving math problems with your child at your desk. Also important is the diameter of brightness, which allows you to diffuse the light over a large area or focus it in one spot. Lux is also important, which shows the ability of the device to illuminate a specific area.   

How Many Watts Do I Need For A Table Lamp?

For general purposes, 40 watts is sufficient. This is equivalent to the 450 lumens mentioned above. For more delicate tasks, 60 to 75 watts is needed. This is equivalent to 800 to 1100 lumens, respectively. 

How Many Lumens Should I Choose For My Desk Lamp?

Lumens (LM) are units of measurement for the brightness of LED light. They tell the user the same information as Watts, but provide more accurate data. 

So, how many lumens would you need for a table lamp? For reading and writing 450 lumens is enough, while for more delicate tasks: looking at small parts, drawing or repairing, you will need 800-1100 lumens.

It is also important to consider age, because after the age of 55 your eyes will need a double dose of light. If 450 lumens is enough at a young age, then 800 lumens is enough at retirement age.  

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