With winter approaching, it’s time to redouble our efforts to bring the joy of Christmas. The lighting sets the tone for the room, enhancing your family’s Christmas spirit. When you decorate your Christmas tree, you get a holiday theme that the whole family can enjoy.

Brands are competing in imagination with the best decorations. All you have to do is choose from the many models available, which is far from easy. But don’t panic! In this guide, we give you the best Christmas tree garlands to decorate your home. Invites you to dream and choose the right garland.

Top 5 Best Christmas Tree Garlands Reviews

  1. Quntis Multicolor Christmas Tree Lighting
  2. Homemory LED Fairy Lights Battery Operated Christmas Lights
  3. Twinkly Cluster – App-Controlled LED Cluster Lights String
  4. RaThun Globe String Lighting
  5. Aneeway Christmas Tree Lights with Star Toppers

1. Quntis Multicolor Christmas Tree Lighting

Quntis Multicolor Christmas Tree Lights

This durable, safe and sturdy LED garland is very durable, even if one bulb breaks, it won’t affect the performance of the others. Here are the main features of the lights: 8 light modes, memory function, safe voltage, low power consumption, waterproof IP44 and green cable. 1000 LEDs at a length of 100 meters.

2. Homemory LED Fairy Lights Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Homemory LED Fairy Lights Battery Operated Christmas Lights

This garland of 60 LEDs illuminates your surroundings 360 degrees. The string of lights is powered by USB. You can plug it into a 5V wall charger, power supply or laptop. Which allows you to use this lightweight garland everywhere. The power consumption is only about 3 watts. The 10,000 mAh battery provides more than 150 hours of use. IP65 for serial connection, IP44 for switch and USB connector.

3. Twinkly Cluster – App-Controlled LED Cluster Lights String

Twinkly Cluster – App-Controlled LED Cluster Lights String

The outdoor garland and solar panel are IP67 waterproof, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 400 RGB+W LEDs and 16 million colors with design modes for this garland. Point the remote at the receiver to control the garland! Set the lights to flash/strobe/ fade/bounce and set a timer to save energy. Setup via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, control your lights with the free Twinkly app.

4. RaThun Globe String Lighting

RaThun Globe String Lights

Considered the best brand of Christmas decorations, this Arespark illumination has a length of just over a meter and 100 warm white LED globes attached to a wire. These globes are controlled by an intelligent system that changes modes among the 8 available.

Despite the number of LEDs, which can be excessive, this decoration uses very little energy. Compared to a lightweight curtain, this garland further enhances its beauty on the table or on the Christmas tree. The white color of the balloons is full of warmth to match a white Christmas tree or attributes that require low light.

5. Aneeway Christmas Tree Lights with Star Toppers

Aneeway Christmas Tree Lights with Star Toppers

Total of 400 LEDs, 16 dangling lines, 25 light beads each. Bright LED Christmas tree lights will make the holiday more atmospheric. The lights have insulating coating, you can touch them directly, they have good water resistance and corrosion resistance, and do not rust.

Low voltage 31V, American standard socket and pluggable back socket. SGS certified plug, no heat and no fire during working hours. 5 year warranty.

Buying Guide Christmas Tree Garlands

Space for decoration

A tree is the heart of magic, whether it is installed in the living room, on the patio or in the garden. So, before you even look for where to buy new Christmas decorations, you should think about the different items that will decorate yours. Between fantasy and reimagined classics, there are plenty of ideas for Christmas tree decorations: sparkling balls, electric lights, paper stars, etc.

A good interior decoration also requires a beautiful table that will delight your guests. If you install it outside, choose decorations with good resistance to moisture. For example, electrical objects should meet the IP44 standard. But if you want to put it inside, anything is allowed, as long as you maintain some harmony.

If you have a large staircase and fireplace, you can decorate them with light white garlands, hanging socks.

Style or Theme

A variety of styles and themes are available for modern Christmas decorating that will completely transform your home. To create a holiday atmosphere inspired by Scandinavian design, bet on items dressed in light or neutral shades: gray, white, etc. Indeed, the key to Scandinavian decor is simplicity. To soften the overall look of the room, you can add pastel colors or a few wooden elements.

Monochrome style is also popular. The rule is simple: choose one color for different living spaces. For this you can opt for white, red, green or gray. There is also a glamorous style, characterized by the use of shiny elements suggestive of sophistication and luxury (glitter-covered balloons, garlands, silver or gold cutlery, etc.).

For a vitaminized Christmas full of pep, bet on orange and sparkling notes. For a poetic or romantic atmosphere, choose decorations in gentle tones.


How to buy Christmas decorations at a better price? Cost is an important criterion, and your choice will depend on your budget. Of course, if you want to turn your home into a small Christmas village, the bill will be high.

You may also find when comparing prices some inexpensive items but with quality designs. On average, garlands cost between $10 and $50. You can also buy glowing words (Christmas, Merry Christmas, etc.) starting at $15. They are often made of plastic or wood and have LED lights.

As for balls, themed linens or even hanging socks, prices range from $2 to $15 depending on their size and material.


How do I hang a light garland on my Christmas tree?

Are you used to laying horizontally? That’s the easiest way to cram all the bulbs into the branches of the tree. To fix this, we suggest you set it up vertically and pyramidally. So, start at the top of the Christmas tree, going down and up as you go. This method makes it especially easy to unwrap and store the garland in January. Be sure to choose the perfect length of garland for the size of your Christmas tree. For example, for a tree the size of 120 cm, count on about 6 m of garland.

How do I attach the Christmas tree lights outside?

Get creative! Why not use a fishing line to hang the garlands? Alternatively, they can also be suspended from the gutter with clip-on clips. You can use the reliefs of your facade so you don’t have to drill it.

How do you untangle Christmas lights?

After you’ve put away your Christmas wreaths for the year, it’s time to get them out for some fun. However, they’re a little tangled…now what? The best strategy for untangling them is not to put them in that situation. Follow this little guide to keeping your bulbs tangled this year.

  1. Take the tip of the LED bulb between your index finger and thumb.
  2. Bend your arm at the elbow.
  3. Run the light cable around your elbow and back to your fingers.
  4. Wrap the plug and connection cable around the bulbs to secure the housing.

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