Soothing, calming and relaxing, a night light is the perfect companion to help your child fall asleep peacefully and with complete peace of mind. Discover our selection of the best nightlights for kids.

When your child doesn’t fall asleep well or is afraid of the dark, you have a hard time staying close and monitoring their sleep. You need the right nightlight! Some emit only light, while others are able to play soft, soothing music. Discover our top of the best kids nightlights.

Top 9 Best Nightlights for Kids Reviews

Among the presented nightlights there are budget models, and fixtures of considerable cost, but the differences are visible in quality, characteristics and technical features.

  1. Moredig is a Musical and Luminous Night Light for Baby
  2. Cloud Tranquil Turtle Ocean Nightlight for Child
  3. OURRY Nightlight Whale
  4. SomeShine Nightlight Cloud
  5. Infantino 3-in-1 Musical Soother & Night Light Projector
  6. JUHOT Night Light Sensor Toy Bear
  7. MediAcous LED Baby Nightlight
  8. Vtech Hippo Dodo Starry Night Light
  9. CHWARES Night Light Cat

The rating was compiled on the basis of consumer opinions, expert opinions, and testing. The price segment, technical characteristics, service life of each nightlight and other equally important factors were studied.

1. Moredig is a Musical and Luminous Night Light for Baby

Moredig is a Musical and Luminous Night Light for Baby

This elegant glowing and musical night light recreates a jungle atmosphere with adorable little animals projected on the ceiling. The 8 colors are soothing and the timer is adjustable.

This luminous and musical night light is very comfortable and soothes babies before bedtime. It contains 12 pleasant music songs to rock the baby: you can adjust the sound volume and change the music with the small buttons on the night light or with the remote control, practical! The night light diffuses beautiful light in 8 soothing colors with animal imagery on the ceiling. Built-in timer allows you to set the night light for 5 minutes, 1 hour or 3 hours.

2. Cloud Tranquil Turtle Ocean Nightlight for Child

Cloud Tranquil Turtle Ocean Nightlight for Child

Here’s our second soft nightlight toy from the selection in the form of a pretty blue turtle with its eyes closed. It emits a soft light with a water effect that will soothe your kids very quickly. You will have the option to make this effect wave-like and combine it with the murmuring of the waves, this will soothe and calm your baby. You can also include a lullaby or separate the sound from the light. It is adjustable in six sound levels, as is its brightness. Very popular, it will suit both a girl and a boy. It also offers an automatic shut-off after 23 minutes of activity, usually the time it takes your baby to fall asleep. Its shell projects different shapes and movements on the wall or ceiling. Once extinguished, you can easily re-light it by pressing on the shell. It runs on the AA batteries that are included.

3. OURRY Nightlight Whale

OURRY Nightlight Whale

Soft silicone nightlight , the perfect companion for kids. To turn on this whale toddler nightlight, just press on Christian’s back, it’s very easy. White when it’s off , it becomes colorful when it lights up with a choice of seven different colors. Programmable , it can diffuse light for 15 minutes.

4. SomeShine Nightlight Cloud

SomeShine Nightlight Cloud

This cloud nightlight will appeal to babies and toddlers alike. This very soft portable nightlight can be taken anywhere, its format is portable and it doesn’t get hot. A cute little item that will decorate a baby’s room and give it a touch of softness.

5. Infantino 3-in-1 Musical Soother & Night Light Projector

Infantino 3-in-1 Musical Soother & Night Light Projector

Very cute this soothing night light which brings tranquility and softness. It plays lullaby music and emits colorful lighting . The soft movement of the fox’s tail illuminates the bedroom walls. The fox is removable, and the baby can even sleep with it.

6. JUHOT Night Light Sensor Toy Bear

JUHOT Night Light Sensor Toy Bear

This stuffed bear toy is much more than just a night light for babies, this stuffed toy will quickly become a friend, a child’s favorite stuffed toy: it’s very soft! The hygienic fur of this adorable little bear is removable and machine washable. With a built-in baby cry sensor, it automatically plays music to soothe your baby. This bear plays melodies (adjustable volume) and is softly illuminated. It also offers several sensory discoveries for baby from birth.

7. MediAcous LED Baby Nightlight

MediAcous LED Baby Nightlight

The MediAcous brand powered night light is made of durable, food-grade materials. It is very pleasant to the touch, has an egg-shaped shape and is fully adjustable by simply pushing on the top. You can switch from lamp mode to night light mode by pressing twice in a row, or it will automatically go into standby mode after one hour. Out of eight different velvety colors, you can lock in the lamp color of your choice by pressing it just once. It has a long battery life of about 100 hours as well as a red LED to let you know when the battery is low. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the lamp. It is functional, compact (92 x 110 mm), easy to take anywhere, and its base is non-slip.

8. Vtech Hippo Dodo Starry Night Light

Vtech Hippo Dodo Starry Night Light

This beautiful Vtech Hippo Dodo Starry Night soft toy is adorable and will delight your little ones hearts. It projects beautiful multicolored stars on the ceiling or wall and allows you to broadcast beautiful lullabies or melodies that will soothe your baby to sleep in complete peace. This pattern contains over 60 melodies and lullabies, seven stories and twelve nature sounds with color variations. It has an adjustable timer that will allow the project nightlight to turn off after 15, 30 or 45 minutes. Not only that, this night light will turn on when the baby cries, thanks to its sound sensors. It runs on AA batteries and is very easy to use.

9. CHWARES Night Light Cat

CHWARES Night Light Cat

Here is the second night light at a very attractive price with a discreet and elegant design that will suit both a little girl and a little boy: the Multicolor cat night light from Chwares. Versatile, it can be used anywhere, it is made of silicone, which makes it easy to wash if the child puts it in his mouth. Cute cat face design, all white and compact, comes in very handy. When you decide to leave it in normal mode, it emits a soothing white light to help you fall asleep. Two other modes are available: a 7-color flash mode and an 8-color mode. It has a lithium battery with 15 hours of battery life when fully charged. It can be used as a bedside lamp as well as a nightlight.

Buyer’s Guide Nightlight for Toddlers

Before choosing one nightlight over another, you should check a few criteria:

Type of nightlight

Basic LED nightlight: these models are very easy to use because they have no extra functionality. Economical, it usually lights up when motion is detected.

Projection nightlight: these nightlights project gorgeous images and colorful patterns on the wall or ceiling of your child’s room, which will bring a touch of magic.

Nomadic nightlight: nightlights, known for their mobility, will accompany you everywhere.

Wall-mounted night light: this type of model is stationary and powered by the network. It will have to be plugged in at a height inaccessible to your child.

Musical night light: ideal for children from 0 to 4 years, broadcasts beautiful rock tunes and accompanies your child’s sleep.

Automatic night light: self-contained, this type of model is equipped with sensors that will make it work on its own.

Size of the night light

These are usually small devices, but be sure to check if you have enough space on your bedside table.

Type of light

Basic models emit only one type of light, while the most advanced models diffuse a changing light over a time period chosen by the child or adult.

Additional Features

Some nightlights have a projector function that emits patterns and light on the ceiling. Others have the advantage of emitting soft music or lullabies, which are ideal for relaxing your child before bedtime.

Crying Reactivation Function

Some nightlights have a smart sensor that detects your baby’s crying. It then turns on automatically to soothe the baby.


How do I use a baby night light?

First, it is important to make sure that the brightness of your nightlight is not too aggressive, which could disrupt your baby’s quality of sleep. It is also best to place a night light on a dresser or bedside table near your child. Even better: hang it on the bed structure, it will also serve as a mobile for your baby.

Where is the best place to place a night light?

Depending on the bedroom and the chosen model of the product, it can be placed on a small nightstand or dresser, on the floor or attached to the wall. The main thing is that once set up, a nightlight will diffuse light in the best way possible!

What is the best music to include in a night light?

The main thing is that the sound should be soft and soothing. Classical music as well as jazz or traditional lullabies are very popular with manufacturers; nature sounds are also a very good choice.


From our point of view, buying a baby nightlight is necessary to allow your child to take full advantage of his nights and manage himself when he wakes up at night. All children, it is used to soothe your child as he grows older, it can help him get up on his own, go to the bathroom at night, or even find a wonderful lost blanket! An integral part of the bedtime ritual just like a pacifier, bottle or soft toy, we highly recommend that you purchase a kids night light.

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