Inexpensive standard models of nightlights for wall and table installation. They have limited functionality, the body is often made of plastic, but with their main task such lights quite cope.

The medium-price category of light fixtures combines models with a relatively affordable price and increased functionality. The devices are distinguished by high-quality assembly and durability, they are reliable and practical.

The high price of premium nightlights is justified by the quality of their workmanship. Such lights are made of durable and expensive materials: natural wood, semi-precious stones, non-ferrous metals. They have an attractive appearance and effectively complement the interior.

Top 10 Best Night Lights Reviews

  1. SigridZ Deer Nightlight
  2. YEELIGHT Motion Sensor Night Light
  3. LitezAll Cozy Fireplace Lantern
  4. Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp
  5. YXWSJ Candlestick Lamp
  6. LOFTEK Night Light Ball
  7. Kapebow Star Projector Galaxy Light
  8. AMPULLA Masdio Bedside Lamp of the Tree
  9. TOPCHANCES 3D Fake Flame Lamp
  10. GoLine Cute Kitty Night Light

We have compiled the TOP of the best nightlight projectors. We have selected the best, according to buyers, determined the popularity rating of each model, studied the reviews.

1. SigridZ Deer Nightlight

SigridZ Deer Nightlight

The original portable lamp is made in an oval-shaped plastic body. It features small deer antlers on the top as decoration.

The lamp is powered by a lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via USB. Battery life of the night light is 480 hours, and it takes no more than 2 hours to recharge.

The decorative lamp has two types of white light – cold and warm. In this case, the brightness can be adjusted in three modes: bright, medium and muted. Luminescence is provided by LED lamps, which do not heat up and economically consume the charge.


  • Stylish design;
  • Two different temperatures of illumination;
  • Adjustable light intensity;
  • Long battery life;
  • Charging via USB.


  • Does not have a timer.

2. YEELIGHT Motion Sensor Night Light

YEELIGHT Motion Sensor Night Light

YEELIGHT has a versatile way to install the night light: it can be placed on a table, wall and other smooth surfaces, hung or held in the hands like a lantern. The device works in two modes – continuous glow and automatic switching on when the motion sensor is triggered.

The night light emits warm glow of 2700 K and operates on a built-in battery which lasts for 120 hours. The device is charged via a USB port.

The motion sensor light is triggered at a distance of 7 meters and an angle of up to 120 degrees. Nightlight itself has compact size and light weight – less than 100 grams. It is able to operate at ambient temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees.


  • Motion sensor;
  • Universal installation;
  • Low weight;
  • Long autonomous work;
  • Automatic shutdown.


  • Only one color of glow.

3. LitezAll Cozy Fireplace Lantern

LitezAll Cozy Fireplace Lantern

Compact table lamp simulates a fireplace with a live fire. The body is made of plastic, the plafond is made of glass. A decorative installation of smoldering logs is placed inside. The nightlight is equipped with a timer with automatic shutoff, which makes it practical to use.

Lighting is provided by two built-in LED lamps with a total luminous flux of 15 lumens. They give a muted, comfortable light for the eyes, not interfering with sleep, and economical power consumption. Powered by three AA batteries, the light works without being tied to a socket.


  • Original design;
  • Timer;
  • Autonomous operation;
  • Muted glow;
  • Compact size.


  • No batteries included.

4. Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp

Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp

Ultra-modern night light from Xiaomi is able to work in the “smart home” system (including from Yandex with control through Alice), as well as interfaced with a smartphone to configure the modes of operation. Supported communication protocols are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The light itself has a touch screen control panel.

Bedside Lamp is equipped with 14 LED lamps, the power of which can be adjusted due to the built-in dimmer. Bedside Lamp supports the function of simulating sunrise, is equipped with a microphone and speaker, as well as a sensor of temperature and humidity level in the room.


  • Ability to work in a smart home system;
  • Connection to a smartphone;
  • Dimmer;
  • Humidity and temperature sensor;
  • Touch control.


  • Mains power only.

5. YXWSJ Candlestick Lamp

YXWSJ Candlestick Lamp

The candlestick lamp from YXWSJ has an original design. It is made of a combination of metal, glass and plastic, visually reminiscent of a handmade decorative lamp with a burning candle. At the same time it is quite a modern and functional fixture.

The model is equipped with a single LED lamp. The lamp is installed on the table and works from the mains.


  • Unusual design;
  • Sturdy housing;
  • Powerful lamp included;
  • Economical power consumption.


  • No built-in dimmer.

6. LOFTEK Night Light Ball

LOFTEK Night Light Ball

The LOFTEK Night Light Ball can be operated by remote control or by pressing on the bottom of the ball. The light is equipped with a sensitive sensor: you can turn it on, off and change the operating modes with just one touch.

Multicolored LED bulbs consume energy economically. The light allows you to adjust the color and intensity of the glow, to choose the best mode of operation. The model runs on a rechargeable battery that charges via USB.


  • Remote control;
  • Touch control;
  • Adjust the intensity and hue of the glow;
  • Autonomous operation.


  • No motion sensor.

7. Kapebow Star Projector Galaxy Light

Kapebow Star Projector Galaxy Light

The Kapebow Star Galaxy Light allows you not only to light up your room softly at night, but also to make your home a real party. It is equipped with a function to play music from a flash card or via Bluetooth when you connect your smartphone.

Night light is equipped with a remote control, runs from the mains. Light provides LED lamps. Included with the lamp projector comes USB-drive for 8 GB.


  • Music playback;
  • Projector “disco ball”;
  • USB flash drive included;
  • Bluetooth support;
  • Remote control.


  • No built-in dimmer.

8. AMPULLA Masdio Bedside Lamp of the Tree

AMPULLA Masdio Bedside Lamp of the Tree

AMPULLA is a 3-in-1 device. In addition to a nightlight, the model serves as a wireless phone charger and a Bluetooth music speaker. It is an ideal solution to install on a bedside table to free it from a lot of devices.

The light has an exquisite design. It is made in the form of a tree, the crown of which is made of natural solid wood, the trunk – of chrome-plated aluminum, and the base – of plastic with slip-resistant legs. The nightlight is equipped with a touch control system and has an auto-off option.


  • Built-in speaker and phone charger;
  • Touch control;
  • Automatic shutdown;
  • Beautiful cherry wood lampshade.


  • No built-in dimmer.

9. TOPCHANCES 3D Fake Flame Lamp

TOPCHANCES 3D Fake Flame Lamp

The Lighting Fire lamp from TOPCHANCES is a real fire. The decorative element of the lamp imitates a flame, which you can stare at endlessly. The color of the diffuser is red.

The model is made in a modern design. The base is made of metal, which makes the device reliable and durable. The nightlight is equipped with an LED strip with 8 bulbs that do not require frequent replacement.


  • Unusual design;
  • Sturdy metal housing;
  • 8 LED lamps;
  • High degree of dust and moisture protection.


  • No touch control;
  • At close range, the “flame” does not look as spectacular.

10. GoLine Cute Kitty Night Light

GoLine Cute Kitty Night Light

A night light in the shape of a cat is not just a light, but also a real children’s toy. Made of silicone, it has no sharp corners and remains safe even if the baby chews it. Battery-operated autonomous operation allows your child to play with the nightlight or sleep with it in his arms.

The light emits a soft light that does not irritate the eyes. Can work in any of 8 shades, including white, as well as a smooth color change mode. Built-in sensor provides buttonless control – modes are switched with a pat on the body.


  • Safe material and no sharp corners;
  • Very simple operation;
  • Self-contained operation;
  • A variety of colors of glow;
  • Can be used as a toy.


  • Holds a charge for less than 20 hrs.

Nightlight Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know more about the fascinating world of nightlights, it’s time to evaluate which model you can buy. There is a wide variety of brands and models of nightlights on the market today. When buying a nightlight lamp, there are certain buying criteria that you should keep in mind when testing and comparing in order to choose the best product. Below we will consider the most important of them, so that you can choose a nightlight that meets your needs.


Design and/or shape is one of the main aspects to consider when choosing a nightlight. There are more traditional light bulb shaped models that are very handy for adding a spot of light to a room. But there are also more creative and original models with shapes that will inevitably catch a child’s attention.


Another of the most common doubts concerns the power class of these products. In general, we can say that there are three types. First, there is the plug-in nightlight. It has a very simple ignition mechanism and can be plugged into any outlet. They can work with a cable, lamp type or plug directly in. The second type is the battery operated models. Their advantage is that they are usually portable. You just need to charge them for the time specified by the manufacturer to enjoy 10 to 15 hours of operation. Finally, there are battery-powered models, which are also portable, but with a shorter lifespan.


Technology is another important detail to consider. The most modern models of nightlights use LED technology and feature low consumption and a long lifespan. The price may be a little higher, but in the end it’s a great investment. Of course, there are still models with incandescent bulbs. It’s up to you to decide which one suits you best.


Finally, we need to talk about the use of the nightlight. Depending on the functionality, some models have different modes of adjustment, both for color and for brightness or intensity. It is recommended to choose a night light that is easy and quick to use, both for parents and for the children themselves.

There are touch-sensitive models that can be turned on or off with the push of a button, for example. There are also those that include buttons or a small menu of choices. There are also nightlight models that come with a remote control. This is a feature worth considering, as you will be able to control the nightlight from a distance!


What ages are nightlights suitable for children?

Nightlights for kids are not age appropriate! In fact, you could say that they are especially suitable for children who are beginning to sleep alone, with their parents in another room. In these circumstances, and especially in the beginning, they felt a little fear of the dark, a fear that could be overcome with nightlights. According to pediatricians, fear of the dark develops in a child between the ages of 3 and 6. At this age, children often have nightmares with ghosts or monsters. Therefore, it is normal to bet on one of these lights, so that they relax and little by little learn to see the night as a completely harmless moment.

What color nightlight for children to choose?

There are several models of nightlights on the market that have color settings, which means that the user can choose the right color depending on the moment. Therefore, depending on the color chosen, the effect will be different. It used to be thought that white or blue light was ideal for falling asleep because of its calming power. However, several studies have rejected this idea and opted for red or orange light instead. Believe it or not, apparently these are much more relaxing colors that allow children to fall asleep.

What color keeps kids awake?

Cyan is a color range between green and blue with a wavelength of 485 to 500 nanometers. It is also called the color of the sea wave or azure. Biologists believe that light in this range inhibits the production of melatonin at night and is the hidden factor that determines our sleepiness or insomnia.


Choosing a suitable nightlight, it is worth considering the intensity and type of glow – cold or warm – as well as the number and type of lamps. However, the vast majority of modern models work exclusively on LEDs.

For a bedroom is enough power up to 25-30 watts if you only want to create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, and more – if you need to light the corridor or steps.

It is more important when buying such a lamp to consider the duration of its operation, if we are talking about standalone models. At a minimum, the device should work without problems until morning, but it is better to have enough battery power for several nights.

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