Do you love to read and would never want to interrupt a good reading session if you don’t have good lighting? With a reading lamp, you’ll never have to interrupt your reading session again because the lighting isn’t right for you or comfortable enough for your eyes. A reading lamp is like a gadget or an indispensable tool for the experienced reader. not only does it provide comfortable and appropriate lighting, but it also helps keep your eyes healthy. For your long and passionate reading sessions, choose a reading lamp without further delay, you won’t regret it. Also, here are a few lines to help you make the right choice and always know a little more about reading lamps. These few lines will help you not only choose the right reading lamp , but also understand why it is so necessary.

Top 8 Best Reading Lights: Review

  1. Energizer Reading Lamp
  2. VAVOFO Reading Lamp
  3. Vekkia Neck Reading Light
  4. Rechargeable 2 Goosenecks Light Reading Lamp
  5. Vont Touch Reading Lamp
  6. Hanerdun USB Reading Lamp
  7. Vekkia USB Reading Lamp
  8. Wall Reading Lamp

Below are detailed reviews of each model.

1. Energizer LED Reading Lamp

Energizer Lamp

When designing this portable reading lamp, Energizer brand thought of all readers who are passionate about reading, ready to devour their book anytime and without limits. In addition to being practical, this reading lamp offered by Energizer  has a matte design and can be either hung on the headboard or mounted on a desk or table. You should know that this reading lamp is charged via the USB input and cable that is included. As for its use, we assure you that this reading lamp is really very easy to use, so everyone can use it without any difficulty. In addition, thanks to the LED lamp, this reading lamp consumes little power in standby mode.

  • This reading lamp provides controlled lighting and is perfect for sensitive eyes.
  • Classic versatile design.
  • A reading lamp with a rechargeable battery that promises more battery life.
  • Perhaps too classic design.
  • The only color choice: black.
  • Slightly flimsy pliers.

2. VAVOFO Reading Lamp


If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a quality reading lamp, this model is for you. This reading lamp from VAVOFO is a very interesting model, although it has a pretty classic and basic shape. The main advantage of this reading lamp from VAVOFO is the fact that it can be mounted almost anywhere, so you can mount it at the headboard and get optimal lighting for reading. This reading lamp has 3 different light modes to give you real comfort while reading, all you have to do is switch from one light intensity to another. The VAVOFO brand has seriously thought about the health of your eyes while.

  • Very practical minimalist size.
  • A reading lamp that can be hung anywhere.
  • Unbeatable price and more than satisfactory quality.
  • Design and style have been seen and considered.
  • The design lacks originality.
  • Battery life could be improved.

3. Vekkia Neck Reading Light – Reading Lamp

Vekkia lamp

If you’re the kind of person who likes to read until late at night and you like gadget-style lamps, this Vekkia brand reading lamp is made for you! You could say that this reading lamp is really unique and original. Indeed, it clings around your neck like a necklace, a detail that means it provides optimal and perfectly balanced lighting. With this reading lamp you can adjust the intensity of the light to 3 different levels: spot light, flood light and spotlight/floodlight. These different types of lighting have been specifically designed to keep your eyes healthy, and the light intensity is perfect for reading.

  • A really practical reading lamp that can be used in all circumstances.
  • Innovative and very well designed style.
  • The operating time is more than 6 hours.
  • Slightly long loading time.
  • A reading lamp specifically designed for portable reading mode.
  • A+ energy rating that can be improved.

4. Rechargeable 2 Goosenecks Light Reading Lamp

Rechargeable Lamp

If you need a powerful and efficient reading lamp, you can’t find a better one than this reading lamp offered by the TOPELEK brand. What makes this reading lamp special is that it has two very different heads, which means it’s just perfect if two of you need a reading lamp at the same time. For even more practicality, this reading lamp is flexible, so you can direct the light according to your needs and preferences. When it comes to charging this reading lamp, it couldn’t be easier. Indeed, charging is done through the USB input, you just need to look at the LED light to see if the battery is charged enough or not.

  • Practical dual-headed reading lamp.
  • Powerful rechargeable battery.
  • Brightness control to protect the eyes.
  • 2 heads.
  • Too classic reading lights.
  • Only color choice: black.

5. Vont Touch Reading Lamp

Vont Lamp

This reading lamp offered by the Vont brand is a designer reading lamp by preference. One of the main charms of this reading lamp is its simple yet stylish design, which is more than enough to buy it and set it by the bedside for extended reading at night. In addition, this reading lamp is really interesting because it can be suitable for both children’s and adult rooms, a timeless and versatile reading lamp. Moreover, if you like white color and good lighting, you will definitely like this reading lamp. If you have sensitive eyes, this reading lamp offers 3 different light temperatures, options very well thought out by the brand and designers to take care of your eyes in all circumstances while reading. Finally, this reading lamp is a win-win option.

  • A reading lamp that will suit everyone.
  • Fast charging time.
  • Uses very little energy.
  • Running time could be improved.
  • White reading lamp that gets dirty quickly.

6. Hanerdun USB LED Reading Lamp

Hanerdun lamp

Are you looking for a reading lamp that you can take with you anywhere? Look no further, this reading lamp offered by the Hanerdun brand is the little reading gem you need! This reading lamp is really original, not bulky and provides effective lighting. You could say that this reading lamp is a must-have gadget for the book lover. Don’t let the minimalist size of this reading lamp mislead you, because it can amaze you. The Hanerdun brand offers through this reading lamp a quality product designed with intelligence and ingenuity.

  • Very clever reading lamp concept.
  • Semi-light weight.
  • Flexible side requires caution.

7. Vekkia USB Reading Lamp 

Vekkia Bookmark Book Light

What if you hung a reading lamp directly on your book for more practicality? That’s exactly what the reading lamp offered by the Etmury brand offers you. This reading lamp is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for readers and book lovers. No need to puzzle over reading books late at night, this reading lamp model will suit you perfectly! Portable, practical and lightweight, you can hardly do without this reading lamp after you’ve used it. Etmury offers 4 different brightness levels with this reading lamp, these options are very convenient to keep your eyes in shape. In addition, this reading lamp offers eco-friendly charging via USB input, easy and practical to use.

  • A reading lamp that can be adapted to any book size.
  • Very practical concept.
  • Versatile reading lamp.
  • The design, which could be improved.
  • The plastic material makes the product a bit flimsy.
  • Only choice of colors: black and white.

8. Wall Reading Lamp

Wall Reading Light

Are you looking for the perfect pair of reading lamps but can’t find them? Do you want originality and uniqueness? If so, this pair of Wall brand reading lamps is made for you. Wall offers a pair of high-quality reading lamps made from aluminum, which is a really durable material. These reading lamps provide a warm white light that is very pleasing to the eyes. No more worrying about your eye health by choosing this pair of reading lamps! The flexible neck of this reading lamp has been specially designed so that the lamp is not positioned directly over your head, which could be very disturbing in the long run. 

  • Very practical reading lamp with a very flexible neck.
  • The reading lamp is mostly made of high-quality aluminum.
  • Exemplary energy class A+.
  • Rather significant weight for a table lamp.

Buying Guide Good Reading Lamp

Table LampYou don’t choose a reading lamp at random to take advantage of the best lamp that best fits your needs, you will have to take your choice seriously and take several criteria into account. Don’t worry, choosing the perfect reading lamp is not as difficult as you imagine, here are some practical tips that will be very helpful to you.

With these tips, you just won’t be able to make the wrong choice, you will be well prepared to find the perfect reading lamp, one that will accompany you without limitations in your reading moments.


To choose the right reading lamp, you must first consider all of your needs. What type of reading lamp will best meet your reading needs? Do you need an extra reading lamp or a reading lamp that you only use for reading? So many questions to ask yourself on this question. Above all, don’t neglect your needs and risk getting a reading lamp that ends up not fitting you at all.

Type of reading lamp

There are different types of reading lamps on the market: portable reading lamp, stationary reading lamp, bookmark reading lamp, etc. In order to make the right choice regarding the type of reading lamp, you need to know roughly what type of reading lamp will suit you best. If you are the type of person who moves around a lot, or the type who is always on the go, a portable reading lamp would be ideal and so on.

Reading lamp design

Solar lanterns can come in many shapes and designs, so it is important to know which design is best for your use. A reading lamp that you can hang around your neck, a reading lamp that you can attach to your bed, or even a reading lamp that you can attach to your desk or writing desk? The choice is entirely up to you, make the right choice and think about a reading lamp whose design will make it practical to use.


If there is one criterion that should not be neglected, it is the issue of budget. Always keep your budget in mind when you are going to choose a reading lamp, because if you lose sight of it, you can very easily find yourself at a disadvantage. Don’t worry, finding a reading lamp to fit a certain budget is very easy, you just need to manage your search well.


How do I choose a reading lamp?

Choosing a reading lamp is relatively easy if you consider the basic criteria for choosing one. First, it is important to think about your needs in order to get the perfect reading lamp, here are the questions to ask yourself in a mandatory manner: why do I need a reading lamp? What type of reading lamp would work best for me? Once you have the answers to these questions, you are ready to search for the best reading lamp. Then think about the design of your reading lamp, as well as the type of reading lamp.

Why buy a reading lamp?

There are many reasons to buy a reading lamp, especially if you are a book lover and avid reader. A reading lamp is specifically designed for reading or for work. Indeed, when you use your eyes to read or work, it is important that the light you use is neither too intense nor too weak, it has to be special. The reading light should be soft and consider the sensitivity of your eyes. Only a reading lamp is capable of emitting this kind of light.

How much does a reading lamp cost?

The main advantage of reading lamps is, of course, their price. Indeed, reading lamps are some of the cheapest on the market. You can buy a reading lamp for less than 10$, the price depends only on the type of reading lamp, the brand or even the features and options. If you’re looking for a simple reading lamp, you don’t need to shell out a fortune. The cheapest reading lamps on the market are portable reading lamps, these reading lamps are very practical and increasingly popular with consumers.

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