Rechargeable lamps are practical lamps, not only can they be moved at will, but they are also easy to carry around. If you’re looking for a practical lamp that you can move around at your convenience, a rechargeable lamp is the way to go. With so many choices on the market, it can be really hard to quickly and efficiently find the perfect rechargeable lamp, the one that fits best.

To help you make the right choice and make sure you purchase the best rechargeable lamp, here are a few lines written just for you. These few lines will help you find the best battery lamp that is 100% right for you. Don’t worry, after reading these lines, you will have no trouble choosing your future battery lamp.

Top 10 Best Rechargeable Table Lamps: Review

  1. MAYTHANK LED Bedside Lamp
  2. NovoLido Rechargeable Desk LED Lamp
  3. Fatboy Edison’s Table Lamp
  4. Kartell Battery Lamp Crystal
  5. DEEPLITE Wireless Table Lamp
  6. AXX LED Touch Table Lamp
  7. KRX LED Table Lamp
  8. UNIFUN Cordless Desk Lamp
  9. FIREFLY Rechargeable Bedside Lamp
  10. CFGROW LED Lamp

Below are detailed reviews of each model.

1. MAYTHANK LED Bedside Lamp

Bedside Lamps MAYTHANK

This LED Battery Bedside Lamp from MAYTHANK is the perfect embodiment of the modern and sophisticated style that has been prevalent in the battery lamp market in recent years. With its bright white color and non-white LED light, this lamp is just perfect if you’re looking for effective lighting. As for your eyes, you don’t have to worry about this lamp because it offers state-of-the-art lighting to protect and preserve your eyes. This is not a battery-powered bedside lamp that is harmful to your eyes. With its A++ energy rating, this lamp is practically exemplary, it considers environmental protection and features an energy-saving LED bulb. Stop looking, you have found the perfect bedside lamp in this lamp.

  • This is a very practical wireless bedside lamp.
  • The design of the lamp is perfectly balanced: modern and stylish.
  • Very easy to use and therefore affordable for everyone.
  • The only color option: white
  • The cordless bedside lamp is mostly made of plastic, which gives it a flimsy look.
  • A design that can get tired of quickly.

2. NovoLido Rechargeable Desk LED Lamp with USB Charging Port

NovoLido Rechargeable Desk LED Lamp with USB Charging Port

When designing this wireless table lamp, NovoLido and its team paid a lot of attention to customer and consumer needs for practicality. You can see the well-executed and thoughtful workmanship throughout the design of this table lamp. Thanks to the clip, you can hang it almost anywhere without having to worry about whether it will hold up. Despite its modern and rather futuristic look, this wireless desk lamp will easily fit into any type of office, whether classic or modern. In addition, this wireless desk lamp features a very energy efficient LED lamp, which means you have the ability to keep it on for as long as you want without worrying about whether it will consume too much power. One last important detail: this lamp is touch-sensitive, which makes it even more modern.

  • A lamp that protects sensitive eyes with a controlled lighting system.
  • A very good wireless table lamp that everyone will love.
  • A lamp with an interesting design that will suit people of all ages.
  • The flexible handle seems flimsy.
  • There is only two colors choice: white and pink.
  • Energy grade A can be improved.

3. Fatboy – Edison’s Table Lamp The Petit

Fatboy - Edison's table lamp The Petit

If you are looking for a rechargeable lamp with a simple but bright and attractive design, this Fatboy lamp is for you. The entire construction of this lamp is done with incredible craftsmanship, from the design to the implementation of features and options. Underneath the appearance of the designer cordless lamp is something more interesting than it may seem. For example, it provides an incredible battery life of over 24 hours, which is a big advantage when you consider that most cordless lamps last an average of 12 hours. This lamp can be charged via the USB input and cable that comes with it. Fatboy has done a great job on this lamp and offers 3 different light levels, so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive eyes and need to adapt the light depending on your usage.

  • Wireless lamp with a long life – more than 24 hours.
  • Simple and effective design that impresses.
  • 3 levels of illumination, perfect for people with sensitive eyes.
  • Pretty heavy for a lamp of this size.
  • Plastic material, giving the impression of fragility.
  • IP21 degree of protection can be improved.

4. Kartell Battery Lamp Crystal

Kartell BATTERY Lamp, Crystal

If you like everything beautiful, refined and perfectly designed, then this lamp from Kartell is a product you will love, because it is hard to find a more refined cordless lamp. This lamp is very exquisite as it is styled with a perfectly crafted crystal. The overall style of the lamp gives the impression of a precious lamp that could well be in a large and beautiful home. As for the product description, it offers LED lighting and energy class A+, which is great for minimizing energy consumption that can quickly become excessive. The feature of this lamp is also that it is made in Italy, a detail that speaks to the high quality of the product. Italian know-how and sophistication can be seen in this rechargeable lamp.

  • Unique and very sophisticated style.
  • Wireless lamp with precious appearance.
  • Easy and convenient USB charging system.
  • The cordless lamp is mostly made of plastic, which ruins the whole precious impression.
  • Overpriced for a lamp made mostly of plastic.
  • Pretty flimsy lamp.

5. DEEPLITE Wireless Table Lamp With Infrared Motion Detection

DEEPLITE wireless table lamp with infrared motion detection

If you’re looking for a wireless table lamp in a modern, minimalist style, this lamp is for you. The modernity of this table lamp is that it is equipped with an infrared motion detector, which means that no one can walk past this lamp without it catching fire. This is a very positive thing about this DEEPLITE lamp. Also, thanks to the infrared motion detector, this wireless lamp turns on when you need it most, so it doesn’t turn on for no reason. This lamp is ideal for installation in a dark hallway or staircase to provide effective lighting without consuming a lot of energy. Thanks to the LED light source, the power consumption of this battery lamp is simply lower.

  • Wireless lamp with a powerful infrared motion detector.
  • Practical wireless lamp that does not need to be switched on.
  • Classic, minimalist design that is unmistakable.
  • The design is too classic and could be improved upon.
  • A wireless lamp that is virtually invisible.
  • The light is only active for 20 seconds.

6. AXX LED Touch Table Lamp With Adjustable Brightness and Pencil Cup

AXX LED touch table lamp with adjustable brightness and pencil cup

Who says a wireless table lamp has to be in plain sight and can’t go unnoticed? This table lamp may change your mind. Indeed, this table lamp has a unique design. Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, the USB rechargeable table lamp can run for 2-4 hours when fully charged. It can also be used while charging from a computer or wall outlet. This wireless lamp also has touch controls and adjustable reading light.

  • Long-lasting and Eye-caring LED Black Desk Lamp.
  • Adjustable Brightness Small Desk Lamp.
  • Versatile Organizer Desk Lights for Home Office.
  • The base was just a little bit heavier to keep it from moving around

7. KRX LED Table Lamp Adjustable Folding Aluminum

LED table lamp, KRX adjustable folding aluminum table lamp

This rechargeable table lamp is perfect if you are looking for a lamp in a simple, futuristic and modern style. The modernity of this cordless lamp lies mainly in its design, which resembles the lamps you might see in movies of the future. In addition, this lamp is very practical because it folds up, which is an important detail for those who constantly need to adjust the lighting on their desk. KRX offers two different lighting modes for this wireless lamp, which is a positive thing if you have sensitive eyes. Indeed, the lamp emits a perfectly balanced white light specifically designed for people with sensitive eyes. As for power consumption, this lamp consumes very little, which is an added advantage. After using the charging cable that comes with the package to fully charge it in 2 to 3 hours, it can be used cordless for 8 to 10 hours at lower brightness and 4 to 6 hours at higher brightness.

8. UNIFUN Cordless Desk Lamp

UNIFUN cordless desk lamp

Do you like modern style and are looking for a rechargeable lamp that reminds you of that style? Here’s the perfect lamp for you: the UNIFUN rechargeable table lamp. This wireless bedside lamp is modern and unique, you are unlikely to find such an interesting lamp elsewhere. This is a lamp that can be charged through the USB input, so don’t worry about charging this lamp, it’s very simple. The main advantage of this lamp is also that it is suitable for all types of uses and will look great in any room. It is also capable of illuminating all corners, which is a significant advantage that is not found in all cordless lamps of this type.

  • Practical and effective rechargeable lamp.
  • Beautiful lamp with a unique design.
  • Very economical LED light source.
  • Handle it carefully so as not to break it.

9. FIREFLY Rechargeable Bedside Lamp With Touch Control

AUKEY Rechargeable bedside lamp with touch control

Do you like rechargeable bedside lamps with a rounded shape? This lamp is for you. This is a rechargeable cordless bedside lamp, very easy to use and a unique design. If you have sensitive eyes and want to focus on soft light sources, this lamp is for you. Also, if you like to be in control, this lamp has touch controls that allow you to adjust the intensity of the light as well as direct it according to your needs and desires. FIREFLY has thought about practicality so that this lamp is easy and straightforward to carry around without giving the user any hassle. This lamp is so versatile that it can be used as a bedside or table lamp. Another interesting thing is that the color of the light can be changed.

  • A very stylish bedside lamp.
  • Battery life after a full charge 140 hours
  • Different colors are available for the controls, which can be chosen according to the preferences and desires of the user.
  • Charging time of 24 hours is too long.
  • Pretty flimsy wireless bedside lamp.
  • Overly simplistic design.

10. CFGROW LED Lamp With Flame Effect

LED lamp with flame effect, wireless mood lamp with magnet

Do you like effect lamps, ones that make a very different impression than classic lamps? If so, then you’ll love this flame effect lamp from CFGROW. What makes this lamp special is that it offers a flame effect in its lighting, which immediately gives a rather unique atmosphere that is not found in all lamps. Despite some quirkiness, this rechargeable lamp is perfect for giving a room a warm and quite original tone. With its warm orange light, this lamp can appeal to anyone. This lamp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and has a very good IP44 rating, so this wireless lamp cannot be placed directly in water. The power consumption of this lamp is almost negligible, which is another important advantage.

  • The perfect wireless lamp to give a beautiful decorative shade.
  • High quality wireless lamp.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Fragile cordless lamp made mostly of plastic.
  • Rather limited lifespan.
  • Overly fancy lamp.

How to Choose a Good Rechargeable Lamp?

You should not choose a rechargeable lamp at random, to make the right choice, you need to consider a whole list of all sorts of criteria. If you come across a lamp you like, for example, think about whether its features and options suit you, think about the question: do I really need this lamp?

To help you choose the right battery lamp, here are a few criteria to look out for, carefully written by us. Don’t worry, you’ll find your perfect lamp.

What kind/type of rechargeable lamp do you need?

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for the best rechargeable lamp is what type/type of lamp you need. There are many types and kinds of rechargeable lamps: table lamps, pendant lamps, pendant lamps, etc. Only by answering this question will you know which series of lamps to choose.

Features and options of a rechargeable lamp

Thanks to the great technological advances we are currently experiencing, there are wireless lamps on the market with incredible features and capabilities. If you love innovation and like anything a little outlandish, check out the latest rechargeable lamps. However, if you’re just looking for a basic cordless light, you can also easily find one on the market. Manufacturers offer a wide range of rechargeable lamps, and there is no shortage of options and features.

Think about the size of the rechargeable lamp

Next, you should think about the size of your future rechargeable lamp. To know roughly what size the ideal lamp should be, you need to think about where you are going to install it. It is recommended that you choose a medium size, not too big. However, it is also important that your cordless lamp is visible and that it shines effectively. Think very carefully about size, a detail that should not be taken lightly.

Design of the wireless lamp

The last thing to consider when looking for the perfect rechargeable lamp is design. Choose a lamp whose style and design you really like, don’t settle for a lamp model out of spite, you’ll regret it right away. Also, choose a lamp with a timeless design and style, otherwise you might end up with a cordless lamp that you don’t really like.

How to use a rechargeable lamp?

One of the main advantages of rechargeable lamps is that they tend to be easy to use. However, it is important to note that the way you use them can vary depending on the model of cordless lamp. The best way to find out how to use your lamp is to refer to the instruction manual.

To help you better understand rechargeable lamps, here are some tips and guidelines for general use. These few lines will help you understand how to use your rechargeable lamp, learning everything you need to know about it, from installation to startup.


How do I install a rechargeable lamp?

Installing a wireless lamp is relatively easy, you just need to find a place where you want to install it and that’s it. However, think about a place that is easily accessible to you: for example, not too high up. This is because there will come a time when you need to recharge the lamp or replace the batteries. To install the lamp, you also need to be more imaginative, as you need to think about a strategic place or angle, while making sure it can give you enough light. Finally, you should think about how to fix the lamp to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How do you turn on a rechargeable lamp?

As with most lamps, a rechargeable lamp can be turned on with a switch. The simplest cordless lamps, as well as classic lamp models, can be turned on this way. As technology advances, there are more and more special lamps that are switched on in a completely different way from the classic switching system. For example, there are rechargeable lamps that can be turned on remotely using a smartphone or voice commands, as well as lamps that can be turned on by a motion sensor. Either way, you need to consider the type of wireless lamp you have so you know how to turn it on.

How does a rechargeable lamp work?

A wireless lamp is a light that works in a very practical and even inventive way. A wireless lamp can work through a charging system, which can either be done through a USB input or through solar power for some models. So the rechargeable lamp consists of a battery that allows it to be in light mode for as long as the battery allows. But a wireless lamp can also run on batteries, which is a real advantage in the race for wireless lighting. It’s important to note that the batteries in cordless lights need to be changed regularly.

Why buy a rechargeable lamp?

A rechargeable lamp has many advantages and benefits. The first advantage is that it is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or hiding the unsightly cord from the lamp because it is wireless! Secondly, a rechargeable lamp is usually very easy to use, all you have to do is charge it for the required time, turn it on and enjoy it for as long as possible. Finally, it can be installed or placed anywhere you like, so depending on the model and type, it’s even easier to move around.

How to choose a rechargeable lamp?

The first thing to do when choosing a rechargeable lamp is to ask yourself what type or type of lamp you need. There are many different types and models of lamps on the market, so you may quickly become confused. Once you have decided what type of cordless lamp you need, you can move on to design and aesthetics. Also choose the lamp according to the power you need: do you want efficient and even lighting? Choose a powerful and efficient lamp.

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