Useful and pleasant bedside lights justify their presence in your bedroom for several reasons. In addition to their decorative aspect, they also show their practicality when you need some light, without requiring the interference of the main light on the ceiling. There are thousands of models, with many manufacturers offering their products, from the most original to the most practical.

8 Best Touch Bedside Lamps Reviews

  1. Boncoo Touch Screen Bedside Lamp with 3 Levels of Intensity
  2. QANYI Bunny Rechargeable LED Nightlight
  3. Boncoo Table Lamps Set of 2
  4. Elegant Designs Table Lamp in Brushed Nickel
  5. Hansang Dimmable Table Lamp with Two Ports
  6. EZVALO LED Lamp with Wireless Charging Function
  7. HROOME Modern LED Adjustable Dog Design
  8. THAUSDAS Multicolor 360° Bedside Lamp

1. Boncoo Touch Screen Bedside Lamp with 3 Levels of Intensity

Boncoo Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp


The manufacturer plays the design card to make the consumer want to own this lamp. Indeed, you can use it as an element of decor and lighting at the same time, both at home and in the office.

The choice between the two looks is yours, particularly between a solid ball or a tulip. You can rely on this advantage to answer the question of where to buy the best touch bedside lamp. In this context, all you have to do is lightly press the base to select the desired brightness level.

To take advantage of this feature, you have to use an E14 halogen bulb or a dimmable AGL bulb. You’ll be able to fit each part perfectly without risking contact between it and the ball. This solution also allows you to take advantage of the features of this touch bedside lamp with 3 levels of intensity, night light, 50% and 100%.

  • Design: you have a choice between two looks: ball or tulip. Either way, this equipment is a beautiful decoration.
  • Material: The choice of metal for the base as well as glass for the lampshade gives this product class. The brushed nickel finish sublimates everything.
  • Touch: A simple touch of the finger allows you to set the type of lighting you want.
  • The lamp is not included: you have to look for the right reference, risking not activating all the features of this equipment.

2 . QANYI Bunny Rechargeable LED Nightlight

QANYI Kawaii Bunny Night Lights for Kids

To furnish a child’s or even an infant’s room, it is important to be able to decide which sensory bedside lamp to choose. Not all models are suitable for this category of users. In any case, QANYI brand managed to combine the practical and playful aspect of this model in the shape of a rabbit, made of silicone, RoHS and CE certified, to convince you of the quality of the product.

For fun, this accessory is equipped with LEDs that can glow in seven color variations. The hardware is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides long battery life. This tactile bedside lamp for children is activated with a light touch and offers three lighting systems: night light, play light and regular light.

The remote control allows you to program a time to turn off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes, a time when your child can fall asleep.

  • Workmanship: The choice of silicone ensures that this luminescent material is reliable. This accessory provides a balanced distribution of light, not to mention its soft touch and handling without the risk of injury compared to metal or hard plastic.
  • Autonomy: when fully charged, this bedside lamp can be used as a nightlight for up to 10 hours continuously, which is enough to ensure a full night’s sleep.
  • Instructions are unclear: the instruction manuals do not explicitly state all the functions of this lamp. You have to figure it all out for yourself.

3. Boncoo Table Lamps Set of 2

Boncoo Set of 2 Bedside Touch Lamps

How to choose the best touch-sensitive bedside lights? Start by checking to see if the use is simple or fairly complicated. If necessary, see if the owner’s manual will save you time learning how to use it. In this sense, the Boncoo brand will meet your needs as it offers you a product with an elegant and practical design at the same time.

With this particular model, you get a two-piece set that will especially suit those who love symmetry in interior design. This category of designer touch nightlights will allow you to elegantly decorate all parts of your home where you place it.

The material works with a special dimmable E12 bulb and lights up simply by touching the base. The 3 levels of intensity follow each other with strokes to find just the right light, attenuated by the fabric lampshade.

  • Size: almost 30 cm in height and 12.5 cm in diameter base, this product allows you to furnish a large space as well as illuminate it.
  • Easy to use: the user manual will help you understand the different features of this lighting equipment, which are also intuitive.
  • Price: This bulb is one of the most expensive in its class, although it comes in a two-piece set.
  • Compatible bulbs: The dimmer becomes useless if you put dimmable LEDs, it doesn’t work and the bulb will just turn on or off.

4. Elegant Designs Table Lamp in Brushed Nickel

Elegant Designs LT2029-BSN Mini Modern Bankers Table Desk Lamp

This table model offered by Elegant Designs is eye-catching with its laconic design that nevertheless does not leave one indifferent. Indeed, it can be a good alternative if you don’t know where to buy a new touch bedside lamp. With its brushed nickel and frosted glass design, you also have five color options to better integrate it into the entire room where you intend to install it.

As with most products on the market, the bulb is not included, but you should get more to enjoy your lamp. The E14 type and 40 watt maximum wattage, however, it provides great brightness even in the weakest usage configuration. 

To change the intensity, you just need to touch the lamp, taking care, however, to avoid sudden movements so as not to risk breaking the lampshade, which is not fixed.

  • Design material: The nickel-plated metal leg combined with the alabaster glass and frosted finish brings a touch of elegance and radiates quality.
  • Strength: Despite its small size, this gear is still pretty dazzling, even at its presumably weakest level.
  • Size: This accessory seems too small to serve as a bedside lamp. On the other hand, it adds an undeniable aesthetic aspect where it is.
  • Mobile lampshade: this part of the product is not fixed correctly, impractical, knowing that it is a touch model.

5. Hansang Dimmable Table Lamp with Two Ports

hansang 3-Way Touch Control Dimmable Bedside Lamp

With this model, the Hansang brand teaches you how to buy a bedside tactile lamp with the best value for money. The product is actually not limited to a simple means of lighting, it also plays a decorative and practical role at the same time.

The base is made of metal with a smooth surface in order to optimize sensory functions. Two 5V, 2.1A USB ports allow charging smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. The linen lampshade, for its part, provides a subdued diffusion of light, creating a warmer atmosphere.

Since it is an open model, good air circulation ensures that the bulb is cooled and therefore there is no risk of heat buildup or fabric ignition. Thus, the set brings a touch of elegance to the room where you choose to install it, especially since the square shape inspires a decidedly modern design.

  • Cable length: The power cord is 1.40 m long, which turns out to be enough to avoid using an extension cord from your bedside table.
  • Functional USB ports: Since there are two, you have the ability to charge both your smartphone and any other equipment with this type of plug.
  • A touch of elegance: the material, namely polished metal for the base and linen fabric for the lampshade, create a beautiful decorative atmosphere.
  • Technical defect: this product tends to tear the seals after a few weeks of use.

6. EZVALO LED Lamp with Wireless Charging Function

LED Night Light, EZVALO Music Bedside Lamp with Wireless Charger

The innovative and practical technological contribution offered by this equipment may make EZVALO the best brand of touch bedside lamps at the moment. The choice of aircraft aluminum is clearly visible to provide a simplistic design that strives to fit into modern interiors.

Its 500g weight gives the impression of a solid product, despite its rather flimsy appearance. You can adjust the basic angle of the circle depending on where and how you want your lamp to look. As for the practical part, the first functionality of this lamp is characterized by the tactile aspect. A simple button on the ring allows you to turn it on as well as adjust the light power to 3 intensities.

The LED lamp with eye protection provides a non-aggressive distribution of light. On the other hand, the base has support for wireless charging for compatible smartphones, which you just have to put on it.

  • Modern design: this item, represented by a base and a ring, fits perfectly with the idea of modern decor.
  • Flicker-free lighting: the LED lamp has an eye protection feature that diffuses light so as not to irritate your eyes.
  • Durability: this equipment is made of aircraft aluminum, its design is both simplified, but resistant to the technology used.
  • Wireless charging: this feature may not work on some phone models.

7. HROOME Modern LED Adjustable Dog Design

HROOME Fun Unique Dog Table Lamp Dimmable Touch Sensor

This accessory proves to be the most effective in terms of shape and adaptability. The different hinged parts allow you to position the lamp in several ways to entertain your children if you place it in their room. The Aische wood, from which almost all of the gear is made, is smooth and soft, and its natural hue contributes to its beauty.

The lampshade, which acts as the dog’s head, is a control for turning it on and off. It also contains a touch button to adjust the brightness of the light to activate one of three functions: night light, regular light or reading lamp.

In the latter case, you have the option of orienting the pet’s head to get the best angle of light dispersion. Small apartment, this object does not meet the needs of those looking for a cheap product.

  • Original Design: To delight your children, this dog-shaped lamp can entertain them as much as keep them out of the dark. The manufacturer also chose quality wood.
  • Multiple uses: you can use this equipment as a nightlight, as a reading lamp or as additional lighting in your bedroom or office, thanks to the different light intensity options.
  • Not recommended for prolonged use: a few hours of use will cause the plastic to soften. Expanding due to the heat of the bulb, it puts pressure on the screws, which can no longer hold it.

8. THAUSDAS Multicolor 360° Bedside Lamp


This wireless touch bedside lamp is versatile in many ways. To start with, the manufacturer designed it with a 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery. It reaches a full charge in three hours, so the material lights you up for at least eight hours. 

Without the cable, it offers you the advantage of mobility, which is complemented by its adaptability to the room in which it is installed. You still have to choose between the thirteen color variations available for this product.

Technically, this lamp is turned on by simply pressing on its top. Holding that press for three seconds allows you to choose the shade of the light’s diffusion, but you can also use the remote control to do so. The latter also triggers flash, strobe or fade options, as well as extinction schedules after one, two, four or six hours, according to your needs.

  • Great autonomy: this lamp can shine for eight consecutive hours at maximum. Thus, it can provide an all-night light function without the risk of running out of battery power.
  • Soft colors: the emitted light is available in thirteen color variations. They are pleasant and do not irritate the eyes, especially in the case of waking up at night.
  • Practical: since it does not require a wall power source, you can place it anywhere.
  • Instructions for use: Instructions for use come in several languages other than French. Fortunately, using the remote control seems quite intuitive.

Buying Guide Touch Bedside Lamps

More and more people, from newborns to older children, young adults and adults, cannot sleep in complete darkness. To meet this need, home appliance specialists, as well as cutting-edge technology, have developed useful accessories embodied in touch-sensitive bedside lamps. But to find the right product that meets your expectations, you have to base it on a variety of basic criteria.

Technology and design

Incandescent bulbs tend to disappear more and more these days for environmental reasons. Consequently, LED technology should take its place, and this type of light source is gradually making its way into all devices capable of producing lighting. Therefore, you have to take this into consideration to find out which tactile bedside lamp is the best on the market and make a decision. 

Plus, not all models are the same, and manufacturers compete with ideas to stand out from the crowd. Thus, design plays an important role in the consumer buying process. Everyone may indeed want, depending on the occasion, a copy in whole or in pairs. In addition, the material chosen can also have a tangible impact on your final choice. 

The interior design theme, location of product use or intended use may, for example, enhance metal or aluminum over plastic or silicone. The method of attachment can also contribute to the light weight compared to freestanding models, which have a much heavier load.


Essentially, a bedside lamp is used to provide enough light at night, so you don’t have to stay or move in the dark. With advances in technology, this equipment no longer requires a conventional switch, the touch function has completely changed habits. With a simple touch, you can now turn the instrument on or off. But you also have the option to take advantage of other operations, such as adjusting the light intensity with dimmable LEDs. In this way you have several light powers, from the night light position to the normal light position. 

Thus, the best touch bedside lamp can provide up to five levels of diffusion, as far as the main function is concerned. But beyond this basic role, this equipment can also offer you other uses. The latest models can, for example, have USB ports for charging your electronic devices. The most advanced ones even allow wireless charging of your smartphone.


This section should definitely appear in your buying guide for the best bedside lamps, otherwise you might be investing in equipment that won’t last long. While wired models powered by a wall outlet and equipped with switches remain the most classic, the need for mobility has broken new ground. Some manufacturers then offer nomadic products powered by batteries or alkaline batteries. 

Thus, autonomy is the criterion you should check first. When replacing touch circuit breakers, you should also consider the degree of sensitivity to provide the right amount of pressure. Some models add a bit of fun by applying light effects such as flash, fade or strobe. For ease of use, remote controls allow you to program timers to turn the lamp on or off, among other things.

Safety Level

Most consumer products these days don’t always come from France, much less the European community. Many foreign brands offer countless models, and the LED touch screen bedside lamp is still the best choice these days.

However, before you rush out with equipment that pleases the eye, be sure to check the various certifications and certifications that the product has. Indeed, it would be a shame to invest in an accessory that looks nice, but could pose a danger to the user. At worst, make sure it is CE or IP compliant.


This last criterion is usually one of the most important things to be aware of. By familiarizing yourself with all the specifications and features of each product, you will be able to decide which model best meets your expectations. However, looking at online comparisons can give you the advantage of finding the right accessory at a better price. Therefore, you should take the time to check everywhere before you buy it.

FAQ Touch Lamps Bedside

How does a sensor bedside lamp work?

In the classic version, the power coming from an electrical outlet reaches the bulb emitting the light. A switch usually intervenes between the power source and this point of light for ignition and extinguishing functions.

But in modern touch models, this current breaker disappears from the circuit. Before you buy such a model, you must understand how this stuff works in order to use it as intended. In this configuration, your body acts as a switch. The human body is a good conductor of electricity. 

The product contains a transistor, otherwise known as a magnetic amplifier. It is connected to a metal sensor, which in most cases is in the base of the lamp. Until then, the generated current flows through the loop without reaching the lamp. But as soon as you touch your equipment, that current reaches the ground through your body.

Thus, the circuit closes and the lamp lights up. Depending on the amount of pressure or the number of strokes, you increase the glow and eventually stop the circulation of electricity again. This last step causes the light to turn off.

How do you fix a touch-sensitive bedside lamp that no longer turns off?

Generally, time and use causes wear and tear on any material, which eventually leads to malfunctions and eventually to the object being taken out of service. This same phenomenon occurs with touch bedside lights, and sometimes more often than with conventional types. In general, the problem pours out in a light bulb that turns on by itself, or, conversely, in your sensor lighting system that no longer turns off. 

Make or model doesn’t matter, you can run into the same problem whether you bought it at a certain price or paid less. The operation remains the same, and when there is a problem, you have to look for a solution.

The most obvious – and most environmentally friendly – repair of a faulty part, particularly a transistor. This one is essentially unrepairable, all you have to do is find a similar one at electronics stores and proceed with the standard exchange. In this way, you will avoid complications in the long run.

Why does the touch lamp turn on by itself?

First of all, you should know that touch lamps belong to the category of gadgets, and that they will sooner or later show failures. One of the most frequent manifestations of these problems is characterized by untimely ignition, without the slightest touch. This situation can be explained by a simple theory, it is a sensor that wears out over time, and then becomes hypersensitive to the slightest touch.

Thus, static electricity, a fly, or even a whiff of electrically charged wind can come into contact with the parts you regularly touch and cause the lamp to ignite. Otherwise, wear and tear can also cause the sensor to lose sensitivity and the lamp will remain extinguished. The best advice is to always clean the lamp so that the sensor stays clean.

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