A wall light, which is often neglected when furnishing the interior of a home, is nevertheless an important element of room lighting. Indeed, it can enhance the decoration, creating the desired atmosphere. If you are still not sure which model to buy we have selected the best for you and prepared reviews.

8 Best Wall Lights For Bedroom Reviews

  1. Apsekoka Adjustable Brightness Bedside Wall Lamp
  2. LamQee Wall Light in Contemporary Style
  3. Lightess Interior Wall Light with Adjustable Brightness
  4. Kawell Swing Kids Bedside Lamp
  5. Aipsun Interior Wall Lights
  6. TERLEENART Metal Safari Chandelier
  7. Phenas LED Wall Light for Indoor Lighting
  8. 3D Light FX Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer

1. Apsekoka Adjustable Brightness Bedside Wall Lamp

Apsekoka 2-Pack Bedside Lights

According to many reviews, Apsekoka is the best brand of wall lights for the bedroom. Indeed, the brand offers this lighting that works with the E27 dimmable bulb. You can adjust the color temperature among 3 shades. Specifically, in 3000 K (warm white), 4000 K (natural white) and 6500 K (cool white).

The success of this product is also due to the quality of its workmanship. Indeed, its body is made of durable iron. While the cover is made of textile to guarantee the softness and uniformity of the resulting light. To complete its use, it also includes 2 flexible reading lamps whose angle can be adjusted as desired.

These elements are essential for reading because their intensity is quite low. This product, recommended for indoor use, has an LED light source to save energy. Assembly instructions are provided. On the other hand, it is highly recommended that this device be installed by a professional.

  • Complete package: this wall light includes a cell phone holder and USB charging interface. It also has 2 switches to control the change of light as well as the reading lamp.
  • Efficiency: this lamp, able to adapt to any environment, provides a good distribution of light, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Difficult to install: the structure of the lamp is delicate, so installation requires special care not to damage it.

2. LamQee Wall Light in Contemporary Style

LamQee Crystal Wall Sconce Modern LED Wall Lighting

If you don’t know where to buy the best bedroom wall light, just choose this one. It is essential for creating a modern and comfortable atmosphere in your home due to its sturdy construction. Indeed, its body is made of metal and the frame is made of crystal.

It is a set of two wall lights with an LED light source to save energy. In addition, the lamp has an E14 base with an optimum power of 40 watts. Suitable for the bedroom, this wall light can also be used in other areas of your home, such as the dining room or hallway.

During installation, you can put the lamps side by side or place them in different places. Either way, the visuals are completely successful. In addition, they are compatible with all bulbs with a length and width not exceeding 7.5 and 8 cm.

  • Practicality: the easy-to-use lamp has a pull switch located in the base. This component is easily accessible for maximum ease of use.
  • Design: The lighting consists of small octagonal crystal beads. At the bottom is a large pendant that is also made of the same material.
  • Missing instructions: Unfortunately, the product does not come with assembly and wiring instructions.

3. Lightess Interior Wall Light with Adjustable Brightness

LIGHTESS Plug in Wall Sconce Set of 2

Faced with all the range of products available, you no longer know which bedroom wall lamp to choose? We advise you to take a closer look at its quality. It is made of aluminum and acrylic. Thus, it includes SMD 2835 LED chips and a lampshade made of transparent material for a very beautiful lighting effect.

This designer bedroom wall light features LED technology to optimize energy savings. It provides 360° illumination to ensure its efficiency. In addition, it enhances eye protection due to the absence of flash. Thus, you will enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere.

It is a versatile lamp that will come in handy in the bedroom, dining room or living room. Indeed, it is designed in a very modern flame shape that blends in with the decor. In addition, it comes with a plug for easy connection and secure installation. It also offers the necessary accessories when assembling it.

  • Adjustable: this wall light has a switch on the line that allows you to adjust the light intensity on the 3 levels offered. This way, you can get the desired atmosphere according to your mood or your desires.
  • Efficiency: this lamp is capable of generating soft light, but enough for your use. In addition, the lamp has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • Layout to improve: There is not enough space behind this wall lamp to hide the cables so that they are completely invisible.

4. Kawell Swing Kids Bedside Lamp

KAWELL Humanoid Wall Light Fixtures Modern

It’s not always easy to find the best custom wall lamp. If you’re planning to buy something for a child’s room, this piece might be right for you. This particular light fixture is meant to brighten up that space. Indeed, it represents a character sitting on a swing.

At the same time, the head of the latter is symbolized by a light bulb. In addition, the product has a very beautiful black finish, which emphasizes all its charm. Thus, the set includes a suction cup with a diameter of 12 cm and a cable of 40 cm. Thus, it is not just a light, but rather a decorative object in its own right.

The luminous flux of this wall lamp for the bedroom is 40 watts. When in use, its height can be adjusted from 0 to 40 cm according to your needs. In addition, you will find everything you need for assembly in the package.

  • Wide use: the wall light is compatible with E27 screw bulbs, whether incandescent or LED. So the light intensity and temperature depend on the bulb you choose.
  • Quality: The luminaire is made of sturdy iron to withstand all conditions of use. In addition, the realism of its design is striking.
  • Wiring problem: The instructions in the manual are only in English, plus the drawings are difficult to understand.

5. Aipsun Interior Wall Lights

Aipsun Aluminum Modern Indoor LED Wall

Installing a wall light fixture in a room enhances its charm as well as overall decoration. Nevertheless, you may find it difficult to choose which product to buy. In this case, we recommend choosing this plaster model, which has a curved shape. It comes with a 7 watt G9 LED bulb.

This light creates a luminous flux of 700 lm with a color temperature of 2700 K. Thus, it is ideal for use as a bedside lamp as it improves sleep quality. In addition, its design can be easily adapted to all design styles. In addition, the wall lamp illuminates enough to be used in passageways.

The light emitted by this device protects your eyes from visual strain. During installation, you need to connect it to an existing wall switch since there is none. In addition, you can change the bulb if you need more powerful lighting.

  • Quality: One of the advantages of this bulb is that it emits a warm white light that doesn’t glare your eyes. Thus, it creates a soft and warm atmosphere suitable for all places.
  • Customizability: unlike other wall sconces, this one can be painted to your liking, as it is made of plaster.
  • Difficult to install: Some users find it difficult to find the right position to secure the 2 screws, and the light connections are poorly designed.

6. TERLEENART Metal Safari Chandelier

Terleenart Industrial Farmhouse Metal Wall

Given the features of this product, it can meet your requirements when you are faced with the question of where to buy a new bedroom wall light. This is a wall-mounted spot that can find its place in your home. This lamp is compatible with an E14 incandescent bulb with a maximum wattage of 40 watts.

This product features a sturdy construction that effectively enhances its durability. Indeed, it is made of high quality metal. As for the finish, it is black and chrome on the outside and gold on the inside. As for the pendant, it is 8 cm long.

Among the features of this wall light are its slits that provide a projection of the light flux onto the wall. In addition, it has a swiveling design. Thus, it is possible to orient it as you see fit. In addition, the use of this product is completely safe as it has protection class II. In addition, it has an IP20 degree of protection.

  • Affordability: One of the advantages of this lamp is that it can work with all types of LED lamps, eco-halogen lamps, as well as energy-saving lamps to reduce consumption.
  • Convenience: Having a switch on this wall light makes it more practical to use because you no longer need to mount it on the wall.
  • Incomplete: The wall light fixture is not sold with a matching bulb, so an additional purchase is required.

7. Phenas LED Wall Light for Indoor Lighting

Phenas Modern Wall Lamp LED

Of course, it is advisable to compare several models of wall light fixtures before you buy. On the other hand, if you are very busy, you are advised to refer to this product. Made of a double layer of aluminum, it exhibits an attractive arc-shaped design. The surface is treated with paint to protect it from oxidation.

This light works with an IC card DC driver as well as intelligent control circuitry. It generates a light output of 1080 lm with a color temperature of 3000 K. It has a total of 6 bulbs that produce a warm white light with uniform results.

These elements produce radiation to maximize the life of the wall light fixture. In addition, this wall light can save you up to 90% energy. It gives you a beautiful glowing rendering that doesn’t attack your eyes. Recommended for installation anywhere in the home, the light comes with instructions for successful assembly.

  • Longevity: thanks to a smart LED chip, this wall light has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The manufacturing material also increases its durability.
  • Quality: Thanks to the IP65 index, this lamp has a waterproof design. In addition, the LED driver provides optimized protection against the risk of overcurrent and short-circuits.
  • Loss of brightness: customers found that after a few months, the beads stopped glowing properly and the lamp lost its effectiveness.

8. 3D Light FX Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer

3DLightFX Marvel Avengers Thor Hammer

This wall light is perfect for all kids who are Marvel fans because it provides a very realistic visual effect. This product consists of a cracked sticker that has a hammer attached to it to give the impression of breaking through the wall. Therefore, it easily fits in with the finish of the rooms.

This boy’s bedroom wall light is made of durable plastic. It comes with an energy-efficient lead-free LED light source. Faced with limited light output, it can be used as a nightlight. You can also use it as a feeding lamp.

The operation of this light is well thought out, which is why it is included in this rating. Indeed, it automatically turns off after 60 minutes to save energy. It also has an on/off switch. Installation is simplified, as you only need to remove the sticker and screw the screws to the wall before placing the hammer.

  • Reliable: It’s a battery-powered lamp. Its wireless operating system is safer to limit the risk of suffocation in children.
  • Safe to use: this light is cool to the touch and doesn’t get hot. The quality of the cool blue light also makes it easier to fall asleep and is suitable even for newborns.
  • Limited efficiency: the light output generated by this wall light is very low, it is much more suitable for nighttime lighting.

Guide to Buying Bedroom Wall Lights

A bedroom wall light can give a room a new dimension. Designed to illuminate rooms and bring warmth, it also plays an important role in decorating. So, check out our top tips to find the model that meets all your requirements.


To enlighten you on how to choose the best wall lights for bedroom 2022, you should distinguish between the existing models. That said, the “classic” wall lamp is the most common. Typically, it is a lampshade that rests on a support attached to the wall. As a rule, it is used as additional lighting for the existing lights in the room.

You can also choose a spot with a swivel design when you purchase it. This way, you can direct the light source to provide precision lighting. This way, you get much more targeted lighting to suit your needs.

A wall lamp with a reading lamp is also a very good choice for the bedroom. It is a multifunctional device that guarantees comfort in this room. Indeed, it combines a dimmed light and adjustable lighting needed for reading. Mounted above the bedside table, it offers pleasant sessions while preserving your vision.

So, when you’ve summarized all of these features, you should have no trouble determining which bedroom wall light is the best on the market.


To achieve the desired visual effect, you need to know how to buy a wall lamp for the bedroom at the best price. In this case, you need to pay attention to the construction materials used. If you prefer a modern decor, you can choose models made of steel, aluminum or metal. On the other hand, if you plan to bring a little retro style to the room, it is better to choose lighting in bronze. As for natural materials such as textiles or wood, they are more suitable for a more “rustic” finish.

In the next step, you will need to look at the lamp technology that accompanies the wall lamp. Some models have halogen bulbs, while others have compact fluorescent bulbs. In any case, LEDs are the most recommended because they offer many advantages. These bulbs do not heat up, so there is no risk of getting burned when you touch them.

In addition, they have an extended lifespan. Therefore, you don’t need to change your lighting for several years. In addition, you have a wide range of color temperatures offered depending on the desired atmosphere. That’s not all, because LED lights are very economical because they use very little energy.

Don’t forget to check the specifications of the lamp in comparison, particularly the power in watts (W). You should also pay attention to the color temperature, which is expressed in degrees Kelvin or ° K. The higher this number, the cooler your tone. In addition, you should also consider consumption to avoid buying a lamp that consumes too much power.


The recommendations in this guide to buying the best bedroom wall lamps are a must to guide you to the product you are looking for. Nevertheless, you should take the time to check out the usage options offered for the lamp you plan to order. 

Generally, we advise you to give preference to models with their own switch. This way, they can be modulated separately according to your lighting needs. Indeed, there are certain installations where several wall lights are connected and they are controlled by a single button. In this case, you cannot turn them on and off yourself. That’s why we insist on it before looking for the best deal on a price comparator.

To create the right atmosphere, many wall lights have a system for adjusting the intensity of light. That is, you can adjust the tone of the lighting yourself to match the atmosphere you’re looking for. Usually, the adjustment is made with a built-in knob.

To go one step further, you can also invest in a connected wall light. In this case, you can easily program it to turn on and off remotely. Even if you’re not home, all you have to do is turn the lights on before you arrive, using only your smartphone.

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