There are legends about how LED bulbs behave outdoors. Some experts say that LEDs can not be used outdoors, because they are afraid of temperature extremes and other adverse weather conditions. Some say it’s the best solution. So let’s understand – where it is worthwhile and where it is profitable to install LEDs and in what lights they can function.

How do LEDs Work on the Street? 

Let’s dispel the first myth that the street is an unfavorable environment for LEDs. It is the perfect place for them. Outdoor lights work only at night in the summer, and in winter almost around the clock, since the daylight hours are very short. LEDs themselves do not burn out, just after a certain lifetime (an average of 3 years) they begin to gradually degrade – lose their brightness, but they remain operational. Garden light The only thing that can go wrong is the choke, and in 95% of cases it happens from overheating (a very common phenomenon in cheap models). 

In winter, in the cold, they work flawlessly, because the cooling of the throttle, and the entire back of the body occurs almost instantly. In the summer, in the evening, when the heat goes down, and the temperature drops to a comfortable +20 °C – and lower. And these are again favorable conditions for the operation of modern ice. 

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For comparison, let us take such popular today fluorescent lamps, or as they are also called “economy lamps”. In the cold, they are not recommended to use at all, because there can be problems with the starting throttle and with the very gas that fills the bulb. At low temperature, the density of gas decreases, and economy bulb just won’t turn on.

How do LEDs Work on the Street

Looking for an Alternative 

If they tell you that LED lighting is the most profitable – do not believe it either. Experts online store argue that on such technical characteristics as brightness, quality light output, efficiency and price, LEDs are inferior, for example, metal halide lamps. But in terms of service life, they really are the best. Therefore, even before buying, you need to carefully calculate everything. 

LED lighting for the street If you need a powerful light source, and you can install it in such a way that it will be easy to access for replacement – choose metal halide lamps. They are technically superior to LEDs. Despite the fact that their service life is three times less, you will still benefit, because their price is cheaper by 2-3 times (at least). 

If it is a question of buying cantilever lights for private use, it is better that they are LED. It turns out that buying LED once is more profitable than buying a few metal halide lights and paying extra for the replacement. 

Anyway, count and if it is difficult to make such calculations you can ask for advice at the same store.

What to Look Out for 

Streetlights are most often sold without a light source – it will have to buy and install separately, and what is the best to give preference to we already know. 

The main thing – correctly choose the type of cartridge and the shape of the bulb. These data are necessarily specified in the characteristic. Pay attention to this before buying.

Also take into account when choosing the class of dust and moisture protection 

You should not use an open LED lamp outdoors. You just need to choose a luminaire with the proper degree of dust and moisture protection. IP65 is suitable for installation outdoors, for installation near bodies of water (where water can fall on the device at different angles). Outdoor models with IP45 can be installed under awnings, in gazebos, on balconies, etc. If the devices have IP45, IP44, IP33, but the structure itself has a canopy (special visor or streamlined shape) – they can also operate in the open air, only if all the rules of hermeticity are observed.

Illuminating Building Facades and Balconies 

For Illuminating Building Facades and Balconies 

The wall-mounted outdoor models are excellent. Here, the choice depends only on the interior and personal wishes.

Options for Lighting Courtyards Cottages 

If you need to illuminate a small area – it will be sufficient to use decorative LED lights. They produce enough luminous flux, while having low power consumption. For illumination of paths the so-called park lights will be indispensable. For the lighting of driveways, sidewalks should already choose one of the variants of cantilever lights.

Is it Worth the Compromise? 

Yes, lighting fixtures complement the whole picture of the whole building, or the landscape design, and it is very important to match them to the interior. But you still shouldn’t sacrifice beautiful performance or the quality of lighting – it can all be combined. The main thing is to correctly calculate the economic benefit and to use and install according to all the instructions. Only then will they last you a long time, and with them the LED lamps.

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