How To Light A Home Office

How To Light A Home Office?

After the quarantine, it became obvious – you don’t have to go to the office to work effectively. But there should be a well thought-out and comfortable workplace at home. We tell you how to create one.  Everyone has different requirements for a home office: some people are comfortable to work in creative chaos with

What is a Pendant Light

What is a Pendant Light?

Pendant lights are light fixtures in which the source of light is located away from the ceiling, namely suspended from a wire or chain. Such fixtures look great with standard or high ceilings. But even if the ceilings are low, many pendant lights have the ability to adjust the length of the wire, which means

Street Lighting Bulb Types

Street Lighting Bulb Types

In most cases, any outdoor luminaires can be equipped with different light sources – in this respect they are universal, and this is very good. Another thing – the light sources themselves, some of them are not at all versatile. In the sense that in street conditions not every lamp works properly. With this issue

Type of table lamps

Types of Table Lamps

Table lamps have long been firmly integrated into our daily lives. The need for local lighting arose in man many centuries ago. At first, before the discovery of electricity, it was due to the technical difficulty of lighting the entire living space. At that time, people used oil lamps, which, in fact, can be considered