Play, activity, and then rest, in any case the children’s room should be a refuge for the baby, with an atmosphere of happiness and safety. And the right lighting contributes greatly to these goals.

From a bright ceiling lamp to a subdued nightlight, lighting in a child’s room can now be made diverse and original. A child in his room sleeps, plays, watches TV, does homework or other interesting activities. Therefore, lighting should be multifunctional. It is best to use LED lights, because they are safe for children’s eyes and save the family budget in the long run.

Proper Lighting in the Children’s Room: Highlights

  • Natural light is essential for any room, but in a child’s room it becomes especially important. You need to make sure you get the right amount of daylight into the room so you can move around freely during the day.
  • A light fixture in the center of the ceiling will give light when it is cloudy or dark outside. This way, the child will wake up in the morning and play in the evening with enough light.
  • For activities at the table, an additional source of light will be needed.
  • For reading before bedtime, there should be a lamp on the wall at the head of the bed or on the bedside table. A suitable children’s design will encourage your child to read in the evenings
  • Nightlights relieve fear of the dark, especially in very young children.

Proper Lighting in the Children's Room

Light Fixtures for a Child’s Room

Ceiling lamp can be quite original, but, first of all, it should illuminate the whole room evenly. Our catalog has interesting models that can interest your child. Kids like bright colors, different drawings on lampshades and funny figures or characters. As an option – you can place several sources on the ceiling or on the walls to illuminate the most important areas. For example, an easel for painting, or a play area with a tent or dollhouse, or a sofa for sitting with friends.

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Another important element is a desk lamp. Here you need to follow the recommendations in the name of preserving children’s vision. Pay special attention to this, if the work area is arranged under the sleeping area of a loft bed. The bottom of the bed only contributes to a dark corner. 

Light Fixtures for a Child's Room

Short and Simple: Answers to Your Questions

What kind of lamps are suitable for children?

The basic recommendation is LEDs. They don’t get hot like incandescent bulbs. If a child accidentally touches such a bulb, he will not get burned. In addition, have a positive effect on vision, as they give even light without flicker.

What should be considered in the nursery lighting?

Safety is of paramount importance here. Choose lights made of durable materials. There should not be any fragile and brittle elements in the design. It is undesirable to use suspended models on long cables.

What kind of light is better for a child’s room: warm or cool?

We recommend a neutral-white type of glow for general lighting and warm white for bedside lights. The color temperature is 2700 to 3300 Kelvin.

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