The choice of bedside lamps is so huge that it is sometimes very difficult for the average person to decide. In order to be able to quickly make the right purchase, it is worth adhering to a few basic rules for choosing a bedside lamp.

How Many Bedside Lamps Should be in the Bedroom

How Many Bedside Lamps Should be in the Bedroom

Depending on the size of the bed and how many people will be sleeping on it, depends on how many bedside lamps you need to buy. If the bed is wide, even if one person sleeps on it, it is better to place two bedside lamps. This way you can achieve an optimal balance in lighting the bedroom. For a narrow bed for one person, a single lamp or a floor lamp will be enough.

What Size Should Be the Bedside Lamp

To achieve a harmonious interior in the bedroom, the lamp by the bed should be the appropriate size. The main thing is to maintain a balance between the dimensions of the bed and bedside table and the height of the lamp. The wider the bed, the bigger the nightstand and the higher the bedside lamp. Experts advise that in order to avoid eye-blinding light from the lamp, its height should be no more than 65 cm.

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How To Place the Switch on The Lamp

How To Place the Switch on The Lamp

It would seem that such a trifle – a switch, but its location can make the lamp comfortable to use, or vice versa – to create solid problems and inconvenience. The ideal position of the light switch is at arm’s length. Also a great option – a lamp that turns on or off by the touch of your palm.

What Lamp Shade to Choose For a Bedside Lamp

Optimal parameters for a lampshade are:

  •  The height is one-third often the size of the lamp;
  •  The width is equal to twice the size of the widest part of the lamp base.

Lampshade is desirable to choose their soft, light fabrics. They give the most pleasant and diffused light from the lamp.

How to Determine the Style of Lamp

The lamp should emphasize the general stylistic direction of your bedroom. If it so happens that the selected lamps do not harmonize in any way with the existing furniture and furnishings, try to add to the bedroom any details that would match the style of the selected lamps. This way you can balance the overall interior of the bedroom.

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