One of the most versatile products that can significantly increase the comfort of travel is a gas lamp. The right device, for quite a long time will please you with excellent lighting.

Design Features

Gas lamps are equipped with a special luminous element – a catalytic mesh. This element is heated during operation and under the influence of temperature begins to glow brightly. Heating of the element surface occurs due to the reaction of gas on the surface.

The catalytic mesh is made of a special non-combustible material. It consists of a special catalyst, which is a special substance that provides a full combustion of fuel and the brightest glow in this case. Grids burn out rather quickly and are considered a consumable material, so several spare grids are provided in the standard set of the device. The grid itself resembles a small ball, which is placed on a special nozzle.

The device is reliably protected from the influence of wind, air flaps. In addition, these elements allow you to maintain a bright and stable flame during combustion. In many models, the brightness of the flame can be adjusted.

Gas Lamps

What Should be Considered When Choosing a Device?

Lamps running on gas fuel are quite light and compact. One of their main advantages is that the fuel can be purchased almost everywhere. When choosing, you should pay attention only to proven models of products, especially those products that will be operated in difficult weather conditions.

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It is also worth considering that fuel is divided into several types:

  • summer;
  • winter.

If the gas is intended for use in warm conditions, then already at a temperature around 0, it begins to evaporate poorly, and there are certain problems with combustion

In addition, it is worth giving preference to products with built-in piezo ignition. This additional feature will greatly facilitate the operation of the lamp.

Rules of Usage

The product should be transported only in a special case, which protects the fragile elements of the device from breakage.

Another very important rule of operation is to ensure good ventilation, because the burning process burns oxygen.

A gas lamp is an ideal device for outdoor recreation. It will not only help keep the lights on, but also create comfort.

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