Lava lamp (Lava lamp) night light has been very popular for decades. It is beautiful and unique, suitable for both children and adults. But it has a number of features and before you buy, we advise to read this instruction manual Lava lamp. 

Questions and Answers

  1. How long does it take to heat up a Lava lamp? The heating time is influenced by the ambient temperature and the size of the lamp itself. Small (34 cm) heat up ~ 1 hour, medium (41 cm) ~ 1.5 hours, large (48 cm) ~ 3-3.5 hours. This is a feature of the night lamp and the process can not accelerate. 
  2. New buyers are often faced with the fact that when you turn on the lamp there is an unpleasant smell. The peculiarity of the lava lamp is the heating of the bulb with paraffin, as a result of which it melts and beautifully circulates up and down. There are plastic elements inside the bulb, as long as the bulb is new they can exude an odor. Just do about three full cycles of warming up the lamp and the smell will go away. We also recommend that you do not remove the glass bulb from the base during operation, this will almost completely eliminate the spread of odor. 
  3. Terms of storage of the goods. The bulb contains a special liquid, but it can freeze at subzero temperatures. Do not store under sunlight – possible burnout of the wax and its dulling. 
  4. Can I carry a working lamp? A partially or fully heated lamp should not be shaken, but you can gently reposition it if necessary. If you shake it violently, the wax will disintegrate into small droplets and it will not return completely to its original state. The solution is to turn off the lava lamp immediately. Then it should be allowed to cool down and settle the wax completely and turn it on again. But, as a rule, small particles will still remain “hanging” in the liquid. In such situations, you automatically forfeit your warranty. For this reason, be careful.
  5. The wax has accumulated on top and does not fall off. Your bulb overheated, this situation often happens in the summer and if you have replaced the bulb with a more powerful one. The solution: if your bulb has a dimmer, turn it down by 20%. If you don’t have a dimmer, turn it off and let it cool down. 
  6. The bulb in your Lava lamp has burned out. Only incandescent bulbs are suitable for replacement. Inside the plafond is a sticker with the required wattage of the bulb. Usually it is 30 watts for a 34 cm, 35 watts for a 41 cm, 40 watts for a 48 cm. If your bulb has a dimmer, you can buy a higher wattage bulb, but be sure to reduce its brightness. 
  7. Does the bulb heat up. Yes, the lamp heats up to 50-60 degrees during operation. The bottom of the stand remains cool and will not damage the surface on which it stands. 
  8. How long can I keep the lamp on? The manufacturer recommends no more than eight hours at full brightness. 

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Room LavaLamp

Lava lamp operating instructions

  • check if the bulb is fully screwed into the socket; 
  • if you have a brightness control on the lampstand, turn it to maximum. Otherwise, the lamp will not warm up; 
  • do not place the nightlight on the edge of a table or window sill if you have children or cats; 
  • the wax may not thaw evenly in the beginning. Do not shake the flask under any circumstances. When it warms up enough, the wax will take on a liquid appearance wherever it is; 
  • if the balls are too big, then the lamp is “cold”; 
  • if small, it is “hot”. Keep an eye on the brightness control and adjust as you like.

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