The beauty of wall sconces lies not only in the decorative appeal of your bedroom. They can also be a source of light for activities such as reading, for example. So you can’t be guided here only by the general rules for the placement of wall sconces. But there are practical considerations on

 what height to hang sconces above the bed. And in this article we will tell you how to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality.Standard recommendations for placement are from 120 to 160 cm from the floor. Determining a specific height will not be difficult if you consider the following points. To begin with, designate what function the bedside lamp-bra will have in the bedside area:

  • Will it be a soft illumination or a nightlight?
  • Where will the light beam be directed – up or down?
  • Do you want to turn the sconce on without getting out of bed?
  • Do you like to read in bed?

Decorative Lighting

Here the height is not a matter of principle and is chosen on the basis of the general lighting plan. Often wall sconces are used as a decorative element and become a source of dim light. As a rule, they are installed above bedside tables or, if the headboard allows, in the headboard. In the latter situation, the height should be at least 20 cm above the edge of the headboard. But make sure that you don’t touch the sconces with your hands when you change your position in the bed.

Bedside Lamp

Direction of Light

The level of installation mainly affects the overall light intensity. For example, the higher the lights are positioned, the brighter the room is. Therefore, pay attention to the design features of your sconces. If the lamps look upwards – such models are often used for soft background lighting. They can also be installed lower, closer to the lower threshold of the recommended height. And if they are facing downwards they can be mounted higher. This is already a lamp of directional light and is more suitable for reading or needlework.

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Ease of Switching On

Agree, it is convenient to have access to the switch at arm’s length, about 60-70 cm. There’s nothing easier to pick up the height in this case. Lie down on the bed and extend your hand in the direction of the intended location of the light fixture. This is where the switch should be. Some models are equipped with a switch chain, the length of which allows you to turn on the light while lying in bed.

For Reading

bedside Lamp For Reading

If you are in the narrow circle of lovers of paper media, and you like to read a real book before going to bed, and not Facebook, then the calculation must be done differently. Here it is important to follow the basic rules of the location of the reading lamp. The distance from the lamp to the book should be at least 50 cm. This is about 15 cm up from the shoulder. Sit on the bed in your favorite pose, as you used to read, and measure the required distance. Another nuance, place the lamps closer to the headboard to reduce the amount of shadows.

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