With the appearance of bright light bulbs on the windows of houses and stores comes a sense of celebration. Therefore, many people try to hang Christmas decorations in the apartment as early as possible, literally with the first snowflakes. At the same time there is an inevitable question – how to fix the decorations so as not to damage the interior. Decide how the strands of light bulbs will be fixed, it is worth even before you go to the light store – it will help to choose the length and type of decoration more accurately. 

Hooks on a Suction Cup

hooks on a suction cup for christmas lights

Deciding to buy a fringe garland, apartment owners are doing a pleasant thing not only for themselves, but also for the neighbors. Especially when it comes to the first floors. Such garlands most often hang on the window, they create a sense of celebration for all passers-by. 

In the apartment itself, decorations are hung on the Christmas tree, walls. furniture. But when cats or dogs live in the house, the owners joke that the only place available is on the ceiling. And this option is worth considering – LED string garland can hang beautifully along the ceiling plinths or arranged in a spectacular pattern. The main thing – to decide how it will be fixed. Not all ceiling coverings can tolerate individual fixtures. 

Scotch tape and adhesive plasters should be rejected immediately. Even if there is no risk of ripping off a piece of finish with careless movement, after removal, traces of glue will remain on the surface. Dust quickly adheres to them, turning into dirty stains. 

For smooth stretch and mirror ceilings you can use silicone suction cups. These can be purchased specially or removed from old children’s toys. After careful removal, no traces will be left at the place of adhesion. Several hooks lined up in a row will allow you to arrange the garland in beautiful waves. 


clips for christmas lights

Clips in the form of neat clothespins cannot be attached to the ceiling. But they can be fixed to curtains or the edges of the chandelier. Manufacturers take care that the edges of these crocodile clips do not damage the decoration. A long curtain garland can be attached in the same way in one or more rows. 

Silicone Paste

silicone paste  for christmas lights

The sticky mass of rubber leaves no residue on the surface. It is soft and responds to heat. Before fixing the edges of the wire on such a modern semblance of plasticine, it is worth degreasing the surface, and the material itself is heated in the hands. This method of attachment is suitable for suspended ceilings. It can also be used to fix the wiring on furniture. 

Attaching garlands on functional interior doors, you need to make sure that the wiring is not frayed when moving. Damage to an electrical appliance can cause a short circuit and a fire. 

Handy Attachment Methods

Before you buy a garland, it is worth thinking about what length is necessary to decorate the apartment in an original way and not to pull the wires all over the floor. There are many options for placement:

  • on the walls and corners of furniture;
  • on windows and cabinet doors;
  • on window frames and interior doors;
  • on curtains, curtains. 

On wallpaper and foam tiles, the edges of the wiring can be fixed with needles, making sure in advance that the tightness of the insulation is not compromised. For reliability, you can make peculiar loops for needles or paper clips out of scotch tape, which was originally rejected. On painted ceilings, buttons can leave marks, so this idea should be abandoned. Lightweight LED garland is easier to fix on the wallpaper along the ceiling plinths, neatly hanging the edges to the power source.

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