After the quarantine, it became obvious – you don’t have to go to the office to work effectively. But there should be a well thought-out and comfortable workplace at home. We tell you how to create one. 

comfortable workplace at home

Everyone has different requirements for a home office: some people are comfortable to work in creative chaos with a large inspiration board, while others need perfect order, when everything unnecessary is put away, and the minimum of things on the table.

The Problem of Natural Light

natural light

Many users of laptops, tablets and smartphones try to avoid natural light, because of the glare on the screen, fatiguing the eyes and interfering with productive work.

But this is a complete misconception, because mobile computers are designed for users anywhere in the world to be aware of everything that is happening in the world.

The main thing is to place your mobile computer so that it is not in the sun’s rays, and indoors, it is best to sit sideways to the window or face, if it is a sunny side, so the device screen was protected by the direct rays of the sun.

The desk can be placed between the windows, if you equipped the office with such a room, then the natural light will not interfere with your work.

It’s All About Corners

the natural light should come to the desk from the right or from the left

Lighting must be good at any time of the day, especially if you are an architect or designer and spend a lot of time at your desk making sketches or doing drawings.

In this case the desk should be placed so your shadow never interferes with your work, i.e. the natural light should come to the desk from the right or from the left. The same rule also applies to the positioning of the lighting equipment.

The Rule of Diffused Light

The Rule of Diffused Light

When equipping a home office in a room without windows, lighting must be done in such a way that it does not tire the eyes. Scattered light bulbs are ideal for this purpose, and on the desk it is best to have a desk lamp with a height adjustable foot so that it only illuminates the keyboard or a sheet of paper you are working with.

Ambient light with the diffused light pads does not tire the eyes and allows you to light the whole room evenly without creating a succession of bright and less lighted areas. Guaranteeing productive work throughout the working day will be one hundred percent assured.

Fancy Lighting Tasks

Fancy Lighting Tasks

Nowadays, there are many options for quality lighting of your workplace in your home office. Acceptable option experts consider the use of built-in scattered light fixtures of small format, but with a large focused diameter of illumination. This option is useful if your workplace is located in the depths of the room.

A simple desk lamp with an energy-saving incandescent bulb, which does not create the so-called “greenhouse effect”, but effectively lights the necessary space for work, can help to reduce the burden on the eyes and create high-quality lighting.

I personally use this lamp and adjust the height of the lampshade so that it only lights the keyboard at dusk, but does not cast glare on the monitor. It’s pretty convenient – the whole room is in semi-darkness, and the working area is illuminated qualitatively.

Play of glitter and glare

Lighting the workspace in the home

Lighting the workspace in the home office will not reach quality heights when using only one type of lighting. Learn to combine, if your desk has a considerable length and above it are equipped with the original mezzanine with built-in LED lighting.

Place several directional light fixtures on the ceiling and get sandwich-type lighting, where each layer is on a separate level but doesn’t interfere or overwhelm the others.

When Space is at a Premium

When Space is at a Premium

Compact office space is becoming an integral part of our homes all over the world, we try to set aside some part of the living space for it.

Not everyone has the opportunity to set aside an entire room for such an office, but if such a room is still found, it is necessary to do the right lighting of the entire workplace.

In this case, we will be helped by sconces with swivel brackets, which will successfully replace outdated desk lamps and bring a certain modern design and discreet appeal to the interior.

Slap on Some Shades.

Many people who work at home complain that natural light, especially in clear sunny weather, creates glare and interferes with productive work.

To eliminate this unpleasant effect, the best option is to install adjustable blinds on the windows in the room, which do not let the sunlight in and create artificial shade.

When equipping a home office, it is necessary to carefully consider all options for the placement of your workplace, its lighting, to take the only correct decision in creating a favorable climate for home work.

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