Household lighting devices are in every home, without them today, not a single person. It happens that when you turn on, say, a desk lamp, you will get an unpleasant surprise – the light does not turn on. If the rest of the electrical appliances in the apartment are working properly, it is possible that the lamp is out of order.

Check If the Light Bulb is Working Properly

Unplug the light fixture and unscrew the bulb. You should only do this when the bulb is cold, otherwise the bulb could come off the base and you will have to take it out with pliers.

Visual Inspection of an Electric Bulb

You can check if the bulb is working properly by visual inspection (if it has a filament). If the filament is broken, the bulb is defective and must be replaced. Frosted bulbs or energy-saving lighting elements can be checked by screwing them into a known good lamp. If the bulb burned out, the repair is reduced to its replacement.

Check Socket Contact

If the bulb shines properly in another fixture, the problem is in the table lamp itself. One possible reason is not enough bent contact of the socket. You can bend it with a simple screwdriver. All repair work should be carried out only with the lamp unplugged.

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Check the Power Cord

If the light bulb blinks, goes out and comes on, then the matter may be in the breakage of the connecting cord. In places where the cord is steeply bent, the wire may gradually become frayed. The defect can be corrected by cutting out the damaged section from the cord or by replacing the cord completely. When selecting a new cord, make sure that its cross section is not smaller than that of the previous cord.

Replacing a Faulty Power Cord

To put the new wire in the table lamp, strip the ends. This is best done with a soldering iron; stripping the leads with a knife can damage individual wires. Make rings on the ends of the cord that connect to the screws of the plug and solder them. Better yet, use a wire molded in one piece with the plug – it’s reliable and versatile.

Checking the Switch

Another reason a light fixture fails is a broken switch. Modern switches usually have a sealed, indestructible body. It should not be repaired; it must be replaced.

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