If you do your own manicures, you need special lighting for a perfect result. If you are a master, then you know how important it is to have a quality table lamp for manicures at your workplace. It helps to do the job at the highest level and gives a sense of security to the client, he sees in your view how well you see the fine details of the “artist’s canvas” – your own nails. That’s why professionals and independent fashionistas buy a modern table lamp to illuminate the workplace.

Why do I need a lamp for manicure?

lamp for manicure

High-quality lighting of the workplace not only helps the master perform his work, but also ensures the safety of the client. When manicuring, skin cuts on the cuticles are possible. To avoid this, the specialist must have a good view of the client’s hands. Modern table lamps are also necessary to create a perfect glow on the nails. With a special round lamp, you can see the presence of glare and the quality of the applied coating. It gives glare on the glossy manicure, by which you can know the level of professionalism of the master.

The lamp is also used as a backlight when photographing a manicure. Correct glare shows the high quality of the work. To take pictures at a high level, you need a table lamp with a large round lampshade and a high adjustable elbow. LED models with adjustable luminous flux with the ability to set the plafond at any height are especially convenient. Such a plafond can rotate and change its position vertically.

For a stronger illumination at work, which requires extreme precision, manufacturers offer a magnifying lamp with a glass lens and zoom function (up to 5 diopters). The lens makes the working surface several times larger. When buying a lamp, take into account the diameter of the magnifying glass: the larger it is, the more comfortable it will be to work.

Types of table lamps for manicure

table lamps for manicure

There are options with a stable metal base. To save working space, use a table lamp on a clamp, which with the help of a special bracket is screwed to the tabletop.

The design of the table lamp for manicure can consist of:

  • a stable base;
  • clamp or clothespin;
  • tripod or tripod-transformer;
  • light source;
  • lamp shade;
  • a wire to plug it in;
  • switch;
  • power supply (for halogen products).

It is better to buy a model with the ability to adjust the angle of light and lighting zone. It is very convenient. The lamp on the clamp provides perfect stability, it can be fixed on the manicure table.

Type of light bulb for manicure work

Type of light bulb

For the light to be comfortable, it is important to choose the right bulb. The most popular ones are as follows:

  1. Incandescent bulb: no flicker, high color rendering index, low cost.
  2. LED: low power consumption, long life (50 thousand hours); low body temperature, safe.
  3. Fluorescent: good light output, long service life up to 15 thousand hours, high energy efficiency.

Incandescent bulb has a cost advantage, but it can make your eyes tired, especially when performing gel and acrylic manicures. LED and fluorescent lamps economically consume electricity, so it is profitable to buy them. If you choose the right wattage, any lamp will create a light flux that is suitable for cosmetic procedures, manicures and pedicures.

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