Bedroom is intended for rest and recuperation, so the environment here should be as comfortable as possible, and the conditions – ideal for complete relaxation. The necessary components to create such a room – a comfortable place to sleep and even diffused light, which plays an important role in creating a special atmosphere. In elaborate bedroom interiors, two types of lighting are harmoniously combined – the main and additional lighting. The latter can be used to illuminate any area, even furniture.

lighting fixtures

Chandeliers for Basic Bedroom Lighting

It is often asked, how many lighting fixtures should be in the bedroom? It all depends on each case. The central chandelier can be complemented by sconces, spotlights, floor lamps, LED strips, table lamps and various backlighting options. The choice of basic lighting for the bedroom depends on the area of the room, the height of the ceilings and the presence of furniture in the room. The above factors affect the number of light sources in the chandelier, its height, the direction of light and the shape of the plafond. As basic lighting in the bedroom you can choose:

  • classic chandeliers with or without decorations;
  • modern ceiling models with remote control;
  • pendant chandeliers;
  • crystal;
  • halogen products with backlighting.

The size of the fixture

The size of the fixture must match the area of the room. A large model with abundant decoration can not be hung in a room with a ceiling height of 2.5 m. It will be appropriate in a room with a large area with a ceiling height of more than 3 m. In such bedrooms, you can install crystal and halogen chandeliers with lighting. Chandelier is mounted in the geometric center of the ceiling, so there is no darkened areas.

You can use ordinary three- or five-arm chandeliers with clear and frosted glass lamps decorated with sparing decorations. The shades may be of open or closed type. Frosted shades or lampshades are recommended. Classical lampshade is suitable for rooms decorated in the style of classic, baroque, neoclassic, Scandinavian, but is not suitable for high-tech, techno, loft. Lampshade sets the tone, so the additional lighting – sconces, floor lamps and table lamps – will also have to choose with lampshades. If you want to combine different types of lighting, it is better to choose glass shades. Also look originally halogen chandeliers without lampshades.

Chandeliers for Basic Bedroom Lighting

In low bedrooms, it is recommended to install chandeliers with open plafonds that direct the light stream to the ceiling. The light reflected from the ceiling evenly scattered in the room. Light in the bedroom should have a moderate brightness. To do this you must correctly calculate the power of light flux. It should be medium intensity. So you can do everyday chores (folding things in the closet, ironing) and relax before going to sleep.

LED Lighting Fixtures With And Without Remotes

LED Lighting Fixtures

The most modern option for the main lighting of the bedroom – the installation of LED ceiling fixtures. LED chandeliers have a stylish design, compact size and economical power consumption. Many models have a function to adjust the brightness, which is very convenient. There are chandeliers equipped with a dimmer, a device that is responsible for adjusting the glow. Dimmer will help to adjust the optimal level of light in the room. Operate it remotely with a remote. When installing a chandelier with a dimmer night light is not required.

Today there are a lot of lamps, which have geometric shapes. You can choose models with different shades of glow – warm, neutral, cold. For the bedroom, it is recommended to buy devices with a warm glow.

LED models can be equipped with a remote control or turn on the key switch. The remote control provides not only a convenient way to turn on and off the light in the room, but also switching modes, and adjust the brightness. In a trend LED ceiling fixtures with remote control.

The main advantage of these models is that switching modes allows you to change the shade of light. Warm light is ideal for rest, cool light activates concentration and thinking. If you use the bedroom not only for rest, but also for work, then this lamp is the perfect solution.

Chandeliers with a remote control are also great for those who have trouble sleeping. A trip to the key switch can banish sleep altogether, while turning off the chandelier with the press of a remote button won’t disrupt your state of slumber.

Sconces to Illuminate the Bedside Area

Sconces to Illuminate the Bedside Area

Additional lighting in the bedroom should not only be functional, but also romantic. Sconces, floor lamps and table lamps are used as local illumination of the bedside area. Most often users give preference to sconces. 

It is mounted directly on the wall near the bed. Such a wall lamp with a soft light flux, directed to one side, is always very convenient to use. The choice of models in this segment is staggering – from classics with a traditional fabric lampshade to modern rotary models in the style of high-tech.

To intelligently choose a sconce for bedside lighting, you need to take into account a few important points:

  • the style in which the bedroom is decorated;
  • power, size and type of chandelier for the main lighting. There are many collections in which the chandelier and sconces are made in the same series;
  • the purpose of the sconce – if you need a bedside light for work, it is better to buy a swiveling lamp, so you can redirect the light flow at any time. Swiveling model allows you to read a book or watch a movie so as not to disturb your spouse;
  • type of lamp – the wall lamp for the bedroom should be equipped with a plafond. It is he who is responsible for the even distribution of light. The exception is LED models with built-in LEDs. They often have the body and the plafond combined.

Table Lamps And Floor Lamps – Mobile Bedroom Lighting

Table Lamps And Floor Lamps

Table lamps are installed on the surface, they do not require installation and connection. Such lamps can be moved, replaced, they are mobile and easy to use. Most often lamps are installed in bedrooms on bedside tables, dressing tables, consoles.

Table lamps provide a cozy light in the bedroom for reading, watching the news or doing crafts before bedtime. A quality model with a beautiful lampshade contributes to an aura of romance and an intimate environment. Full relaxation and exotic atmosphere provides in the bedroom lava lamp. The colored volcanoes inside it simply mesmerize. An ordinary lamp on the dressing table will help to remove makeup and apply cream.

Another option for mobile lighting in the bedroom is a floor lamp. When buying bedside lamps, you should consider their height. A table lamp, standing on the bedside table at the headboard, should be 40-50 cm high. This is the most optimal level for the light flux that hits a book or newspaper. For a floor lamp, the recommended height from the floor is about 125-140 cm. If the model is higher, it does not provide directional light to the desired area, but illuminates a larger area. A low floor lamp will not be functional enough. If the models are intended for a purely decorative function, the height is not taken into account.

The light from a bedside floor lamp can be directed upward, downward, downward and sideways. Universal is a device with adjustable direction of luminous flux. For a bedroom with high ceilings, a floor lamp with light directed down the wall will do. To make the room higher and wider, you should buy a floor lamp, the light is directed up toward the ceiling. Floor lamps, like table lamps, do not require special installation, they just need to be plugged in.

Decorative Lighting – Dots, Starry Sky And Led Ribbons

LED strip is fast and easy to install

For suspended ceilings in the bedroom is characterized by the use of spotlights. They can be a complement to any chandelier: horn, crystal, halogen, made in the style of floral. Today it is fashionable to use not only built-in, but also consignment spotlights. These light fixtures give the room a special elegance and aesthetics.

The most expressive type of decorative lighting – starry sky lights. In essence, they are miniature point models. They can be installed anywhere, but they look especially spectacular on stretch ceilings with a glossy finish. Each model, reflecting in a mirrored fabric, generates a myriad of new rays, highlights and stars. Bright spot lights decorate the bedroom and provide additional decorative illumination. The small lights can be swivel and non-swivel. In swivel versions, you can change the direction of light. Many models are equipped with a reflector to enhance the light flux.

Expressive and effective looks in the bedroom of decorative lighting, created with LED strips. LED strip is a flexible base with glued LED crystals, which are connected by a conductive track. LED strip is fast and easy to install. It can be installed to highlight the ceiling, wall, bed, mirror, shelf. The tape is mounted on objects with any contour. You can choose a monochrome or RGB strip. The monochrome ones emit one color – white, yellow, blue, red or green. RGB is a universal version, featuring a variety of shades that can be smoothly changed using the remote control. Backlighting allows you to create original interiors.

Mirror And Cabinet Lighting

Mirror And Cabinet Lighting

The mirror is an important attribute in the bedroom. For women this element is a must for removing and applying makeup, for face and body care. Also in front of it you can try on any clothes, to see how they fit. For these purposes, the mirror should be well lit. There are several options for lighting the mirror:

  • with the help of sconces – on the wall next to the mirror mount one or two sconces for illumination on both sides;
  • with LED strip, which is glued to the contour;
  • with a swiveling spotlight over the mirror;
  • with a floor lamp or a table lamp if the mirror is on the dressing table.

If there is a closet in the bedroom, lighting is needed to find your things faster. Usually when ordering such cabinets, lighting is installed by a craftsman, but you can also install your own LED strip or spotlights for furniture. The most practical solution is to tie the automatic activation of the lighting when you open the cabinet. This is economical and efficient. For furniture, it is better to take LED lights, they do not heat, so they are absolutely safe for installation in furniture.

Choice of Bulbs

Choice of Bulbs

For the work of any chandelier or lamp, except for models with built-in LEDs, you need bulbs.


Traditional incandescent bulbs have excellent light output, but consume a lot of electricity. When working, they are strongly heated, so they are not suitable for all lampshades and lampshades.

Energy saving

Energy saving bulbs use less electricity. Their lifespan is less than that of LEDs. There are also nuances in disposal.


LEDs are the most energy efficient. They need 7-8 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs, have a great service life. You can choose the shade of luminescence.

Halogen models are compact and create soft and pleasant light. Longer lasting than incandescent bulbs. Suitable for chandeliers and spotlights.

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