How to choose a lamp to solve several problems at once: to illuminate the room and create space and comfort? To do this, when choosing a lamp, you should be guided not only by its design, model and beauty, but also pay attention to how beneficial it will look in the room.

Depending on the location of the lamps are divided into ceiling, wall, table and floor. They also come in general, and local (spot) lighting. The first group includes chandeliers and spotlights. Spot lights can be wall (sconces), table (lamp) and floor (floor lamp). In general, there is a lot to choose from, but the most important thing is to understand how many and what kind of lamps you need to buy for each room of the house.

Ceiling Lamp (Chandelier)

Ceiling Lamp (Chandelier)

You can give preference to a suspended or ceiling model. The first is usually made with twisted horns and takes up a lot of space. Therefore, it is better to buy it for a large room with high ceilings.

For small rooms, the best solution will be ceiling chandeliers. They are small plafonds, plates, lights that are attached to the ceiling, rather than hanging on a chain or spring. Such chandeliers take up minimal space and do not shrink the room.


  • For a cozy bedroom, a miniature ceiling chandelier will be more appropriate than a pendant chandelier with luxurious horns.
  • Chandeliers with colored or glass plafonds give colored lighting, which affects not only the visual and color perception of the room, but also the eyesight.
  • If you want to buy a chandelier with a plastic plafond, you should not equip it with a powerful lamp, because the lamp can easily melt.

Wall Lamp (Sconces)

Wall Lamp (Sconces)

It is best to hang small sconce-type lights on the wall. Such a lamp will look very good above the bed in the bedroom, and in a dark hallway.

To illuminate the mirrors use sconces with directional lighting. Above the coffee table or dinette is better to hang wall sconces with direct lighting to the flow of light rushed down. To create a background lighting use sconces with spherical shaped shades of frosted or colored glass. These lamps create a uniform lighting of the entire room.

Floor Lamp (Floor Lamp)

Floor Lamp (Floor Lamp)

Floor lamp is very convenient due to the fact that, unlike a chandelier or wall lamp, it can always be moved to another part of the room. Classic floor lamp consists of a support and a lampshade. But the modern models of floor lamps are very diverse: there are models without a lampshade, models in which several lamps are fixed on a common base.

Floor lamps are best placed in the corners of dark rooms. Then they will “brighten” them and make the room more spacious.

For a small room it is better to choose a compact floor lamp. But high floor lamps will look good in large rooms with high ceilings.

Such lamps are good for bedrooms, as their light is muted and soft. Will look good floor lamp and in the living room. 

For background lighting suitable floor lamps with pointing upward dome. If a floor lamp is required as a source of light to work or read, it is better to choose a lamp with the plafond that looks down.

Table Lamp (Lamp)

Table Lamp (Lamp)

Table lamps can be divided into two groups: decorative lamps and lamps for work.

The choice of a decorative table lamp is limited only by your imagination. The only condition is that it must fit into the interior. Decorative table lamps with frosted lampshades or fabric lampshades will look good, for example, in the bedroom, where bright direct lighting is undesirable.

If you need a lamp for work, then in the first place you should pay attention to its practicality, and then on the design. The light in such devices is reflected from the inner side of the lampshade, so they are great for reading.  This light is more diffuse than the light of a conventional lamp, so it is less fatiguing to the eyes. The light is best reflected by sphere or cone shaped lamps.

It is desirable that the height of the lamp to work can be adjusted. Pay attention to the lamp stand: the heavier it is, the less chance of dropping it by accident.


spot is a small light fixture

A spot is a small light fixture on a movable “leg”. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to install several spotlights on the same base. By directing the axes of several lights to the ceiling, you can get a beautiful diffused soothing light. The lighting will become brighter if the spots “look” vertically downwards.

Such “plastic light” – a wonderful way to make the interior design “flexible”, when you can not only reduce or increase the brightness of the light, but also change its configuration. Installed in bedrooms and children’s rooms, kitchens and offices – in short, everywhere where there is a need for bright light.

What You Need to Know About Lampshades


Lampshade plays an important role in the lamp: it not only covers the bulb, but also provides an even distribution of light.

Lampshades come in fully closed and partially open. The light from the device with a closed lampshade will not blind the eyes, it is more comfortable. As for the materials of which produce lampshades, most often it is plastic, glass, fabric. The best light transmission plastic and glass, worse – cloth. Glass lampshades are easier to care for and more durable than plastic, and fire-safe than cloth. Metal does not diffuse light at all, only partially open directional light fixtures, such as kitchen fixtures, are made of it.


  • To have enough light in a large room, it is better to use a chandelier with direct lighting.
  • To visually reduce the height of the ceiling, it is best to use spot lights, the rays of which are directed to the wall. Then the ceiling will be in shadow and will seem a little lower.
  • If you want to visually increase the ceiling, it must be lit as brightly as possible. Chandeliers with raised lamps are ideal for this purpose.
  • To visually expand the corridor, you can place lamps in a straight line along one of its walls. Sconces will look good here.
  • Fixtures are made of different materials: crystal, glass, plastic, plastic, wood, fabric and even paper. The main thing is that the material of the lamp is of high quality and durable.
  • For lighting you can use lamps of different colors. For recreation areas is more suitable light in green shades, which will help to relax. But shades of red will help cheer up and lift your spirits.
  • Buying lights, you should consider that their style should be the same, or in the style of one room for a complete combination of interior. Then the perfect look of your apartment is guaranteed.

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