Modern office lighting is multifunctional. Proper lighting should not only perform its primary function – to illuminate the room, but also have a positive effect on a person’s emotional state. If all the standards and norms of lighting are taken into account, the light can greatly increase productivity as concentration improves. The right level of light not only promotes productive work, but also significantly enhances the work process.

The office workspace should have a comfortable working environment. This is achieved not only with the help of interior elements, but also with the right lighting.

Modern office lighting

Factors That Influence Working Efficiency

Color temperature

Today’s offices are much different than they were just a few years ago. Today’s offices not only consist of a solid work area, but also have a seating area. For the workspace, cold white light is used, which is known for its properties to increase concentration. Warm white light is the best option for the break room.

Level of illumination

It will take the meticulous work of more than one lighting technician to design the right level of illumination. Each type of lighting, whether general or local, has its own standards. For general lighting, a minimum of 300 lux is recommended. As for the desktop, it should have a minimum of 500 lux. A good combination of general and local lighting should provide these 500 lux. Table lamps or pendant luminaires are used as local lighting. As experience shows, combined lighting – the most effective type of light, which can create the most optimal conditions for productive work.

To illuminate the modern office using three types of light:

  1. General (recessed, suspended and overhead fixtures)
  2. Local (in most cases – table lamps. Also with a local light deal well with floor lamps)
  3. Decorative (spot lighting, accent lighting, additional lighting).

LED Panels

LED lights panels

An excellent option for lighting not only offices, but also for conference rooms. Radiating a productive diffused light, which is characterized by its power, LED lights are an ideal choice for high-quality lighting in large spaces. They are used as general lighting. Thanks to the matte diffuser there is no glare effect. White LEDs, which are characterized by their high output, ensure a high color rendering index and an innovative technology ensures a stable output over the entire service life.

Recessed Luminaires

Recessed Luminaires

A great solution for general office lighting. Easy to mount and unpretentious in operation, they provide a high level of illumination. Recessed luminaires are excellent for combined lighting, as they combine perfectly with other types of light.

Table Lights

Table Lights

The most popular choice for local lighting. To illuminate the work area, table lamps are used with cold white light, which is characterized by its intensity and performance, which is the best for increasing human concentration and helps to activate his thinking.

Features of General Lighting

Features of General Lighting

As we have already said, combined light is best for general lighting. This also applies to the lighting of the workplace itself. Experts advise the use of several fixtures that will provide the space with diffuse and, most importantly, uniform light, than to choose one light source, but a powerful and high-performance one. A large amount of intense light concentrated in one area can have a negative impact not only on the performance of the person, but also on his emotional state. This is because prolonged exposure to too bright light has a negative impact on the human nervous system. This is why it is strongly not recommended to use a desk lamp alone without any ceiling light, as it will lead not only to fatigue and tiredness, but also to a possible deterioration of vision.

Important: It is imperative that the general lighting in office areas is uniform. This means that each area should have approximately the same number of lux, so that the employee does not feel uncomfortable with the sudden change in light intensity when moving their gaze away from their work area. It is especially important to have a desk lamp with high-quality light for those employees, such as designers or engineers, whose work requires an emphasis on detail. Experts remind that a desk lamp is needed to supplement the necessary level of illumination, that is, the light should not be too intense and glare, but at the same time not dim in any way. Fluorescent lamps are bright, but they are not a good choice as desk light. Their increased intensity of light will be the main reason for the rapid fatigue of the person. The same can not be said about LED lamps and fixtures, whose matte diffuser provides a bright and productive, but at the same time comfortable light for the eyes, which does not dazzle the eyes and does not cause irritation.

Choose power for the led lamp

Energy-saving led lamps, which are used to illuminate the working area, should have a power of at least 8-10 watts, such power will be similar to 60 watts of traditional incandescent bulbs. If the power is less, the lack of light can cause eye strain.

Correct placement

The table lamp

The table lamp should be placed so that the light it gives off falls on the left side of the lamp. The light should not dazzle the eyes, they should remain in shadow. Note that the light flux from the lamp should not blind the computer screen, that is, it should not bounce beams of light.

The amount of light depends on the type of activity involved in the person. For example, if a person works directly on the computer, the illuminated area can be small, but if the employee’s work is related to a large number of drawings, then the light should be much larger. Remember, if the image on the screen has a brightness of 50-100 cd/m, then the illumination of drawings and diagrams on the desktop should have an indicator of 300-500 lux. It is absolutely unacceptable that the glare of light bounced off the screen, thereby creating a blinding effect.

In addition, experts note that the staff should not sit facing the window. If the location allows, then the desks should be placed so that they were on the left side of the window. Natural light, which penetrates into the room in sufficient quantity, is beneficial to the human psyche, it not only contributes to a positive mood, but also able to create optimal conditions for good working conditions. Natural light has a beneficial effect on the respiratory and central nervous system, improves blood circulation, thereby increasing productivity.

Lighting for the Relaxation Zone

Lighting for the Relaxation Zone

Being exposed to strong, intense light for a long time can lead to irritability and emotional exhaustion, so it is recommended to take a short break every hour or two for 10-15 minutes to unload the thoughts and have a little rest from the busy schedule. This is what rest areas are for.

LED lamps and fixtures with warm white light are great for the recreation area. Such light promotes relaxation and allows some time to forget about the dynamic rhythm of life throughout the office. To be most comfortable in the recreation area, its interior should differ from the strict office environment. It is recommended to use a lot of greenery and create a comfortable atmosphere of home comfort.

Speaking of the design of the recreation room, then here you can move away from the accepted standards and implement a lighting design of the original drawing. LED lamps with warm white light are presented in a wide variety, so there is a great opportunity to design a rest room in an exclusive design. Reflector lamps, led lamps in the form of a bowl and a pill, candle-shaped lamps, compact and classic with warm white light – all of them are excellent for lighting the rest area, providing a relaxing, diffused, unobtrusive light, which allows for a moment to forget about the busy office environment, pleasantly relax and put your thoughts in order.

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