Do you know how much influence lighting has on a person? The number of different gadgets and devices that are sources of artificial light has increased many times over the last ten years. Very often they are next to a person during sleep and constantly irradiate light, which affects the release of melatonin, which also has a direct impact on human health.

For example, scientists say that the winter depression, which a significant number of people experience, is caused by a lack of light. Proper lighting in the apartment will allow you not only to adapt to the colder seasons more easily, but also to tune in to work, to give evenings with friends or family an atmosphere of comfort, and fill the nursery with a maximum amount of light by properly combining natural and artificial light.

The organization of lighting in the apartment is realized by selecting fixtures, their location, as well as lamps – direct light sources. In this article you will learn how to select the correct color temperature lamps, simply speaking, the shade of light.

The most common three shades: warm (≈2700 K), neutral white (≈4000 K) and cold (≈6500 K). To properly illuminate your apartment, we will give you some tips on what shade of light is best suited to a particular area.


The bedroom lighting

The bedroom is a place where there should be a calm and relaxed atmosphere, because this is where you relax and gain strength for the next day. Therefore, the lighting in this room should be soft, even and muted. Lamps with warm light are best for this purpose. If you like to read or work before going to bed, in addition to the central lighting, you should use sconces with lamps of cooler shades. To avoid a strong contrast with the central light, designers recommend white light for this purpose.

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children's room lighting

In case you have a children’s room, you probably know that a child requires a lot of light. Of course, it is best for the room to get as much sunlight as possible, but in the dark or cloudy weather you will have to compensate for the lack of light with artificial lighting.

For the central lighting of the nursery is better to use lamps of white shades. But the accent lighting depends on the age of your child. For example, for children of preschool age, it is recommended that a lamp of warm light be turned on before going to bed, which will allow the child’s body to rearrange for sleep. In the case that your child is a schoolboy, he needs a workplace to do his lessons, and, therefore, a desk lamp of a cool shade, which will more quickly help to tune in to the workplace.

Living Room

Lighting in the living room

Lighting in the living room depends on how you spend your time here. If you prefer a quiet atmosphere in the evening drinking tea or flipping through magazines, it will be a warm light bulb. If it is a place where you get together with friends or family for a joint rest and fun pastime, you should light the living room with lamps of neutral white shades. For those who prefer to work or read here the best solution would be a cold light.

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