Interior lighting has a special effect on the ambiance of rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. In addition to their direct purpose, lighting fixtures are able to change the aesthetic perception of interior design to the maximum, and with their help it is easy to shape the emotional state of a person. It is lighting fixtures that become the basis of the interior composition.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting adds accents to the interior design of rooms and is based on lighting fixtures of low power, but varied in shades and created effects.

Designers create spectacular fixtures, experimenting with shape and material. Laconic models don’t give up positions, but they are not so ascetic anymore: simple lines are combined with decorative elements. The new models are expressive both when the light is on and when it is off.

Tasks And Methods of Organization of Decorative Lighting

Organization of Decorative Lighting

When selecting ways to illuminate the living space, it is necessary to remember that light affects the proportions of the room. Proper effect will require its competent use:

  • longitudinal lengthens the room;
  • flat row of ceiling lights makes it higher;
  • light fixtures with reflectors pointing upwards also make the ceiling higher, increase the volume of the room;
  • ceiling fixtures with beams of light directed at the walls reduce its height;
  • emphasize the configuration and visually expand the object will help to evenly distribute devices around the ceiling;
  • “move apart” the walls, using simultaneously bright lighting and light-reflective finishing materials;
  • “stretch” the room by placing a series of lamps on the middle line of the ceiling, cross light shorten the length;
  • maximum light on the far wall in a narrow room makes the room a little more spacious.

Tasks And Methods of Organization of Decorative Lighting

Getting down to decorating the interior of the house, you need to remember one more nuance. “Cold” or “warm” light changes the color saturation, the brightness of the surrounding objects, and can change the perception of their palette. Harmony and naturalness of design requires a careful selection not only of finishing materials, but also of appropriate lighting fixtures.

Lighting Elements Used

The old conservative lighting design of the home is a thing of the past. A single chandelier or plafond in the center of the ceiling, a floor lamp or a wall sconce with a once-and-for-all chosen direction of light flow do not meet modern requirements. The main criterion for today’s choice is mobility, combinability, the ability to vary the arrangement of accents.

LED strip

LED strip

This type of lighting is used more and more often. Its main advantage is safety, low power consumption. It is easy to choose the desired shade of tape, adjust the intensity of its operation. LED lighting is used not only in the landscape design of country houses and public buildings. Its decorative possibilities are used in the design of apartments for:

  • contour lighting of walls, ceilings, furniture, decorative elements;
  • highlighting one of the functional areas;
  • correcting the shape and height of the room;
  • creating a certain mood.

Retro Edison bulbs

Retro Edison bulbs

To make the environment more original will help to use incandescent light bulbs under the vintage. They last less than LEDs and consume more electricity. The glass bulb is a fragile object, but it is it that transforms the interior, makes it exclusive, is able to create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

Now you can see a modern version of this vintage product, which uses LEDs instead of filament, so that the chic look of the product is not undergoing changes. Durability of such lamps is much longer, and the energy consumption is many times less.

The size and shape of the lamps can be a variety. They hang without a lampshade simply on a cord, to provide a large amount of light several such lamps are combined together. “Bouquet” of Edison lamps will emphasize the warmth of the glow and become a fashionable nostalgic decoration.



Garlands are not only used to decorate the Christmas tree or the evening city. They will create a festive and mysterious atmosphere in homes and offices. The company of lights can be monochrome or multicolored, it is used not only for holidays, but also on weekdays.

The most common idea is to decorate the silhouette of furniture or mirrors, paintings, window, doorways. Garlands make a luminous drawing on the wall, frame windows with or without curtains, make compositions combining them with drawings, photos, fill some glass vessel with micro-lights, creating the effect of many fireflies in it.

Garlands decorate the building not only inside. The territory of a favorite summer cottage or country house is turned into a cozy park in the warm summer and on New Year’s Eve by attaching garlands to the canopy, arches, pergola and trees. Show your imagination, you can think of many other ways to decorate your house or apartment.

Neon signs

Neon signs

No less popular trend of recent times – bright neon signs. They can give any room an unexpected appearance. With their help, you can “calm” the space, pouring on it a soft white light or arrange there a powerful explosion. It all depends on how the owner wants to see his home.

These new elements are applicable not only on the busy evening streets, but also in the nursery and bedroom, dining room and bathroom. The bright neon glow will look great on a dark wall, although, you can try any color. Such a move can draw attention to your favorite quote or proverb, bring your life motto or the mood of the day to those around you.

During a party or dinner, the themed inscription is placed above the table. If the neon heart is hung over the bed, it does not need a headboard. The most charming inscriptions can be made with your own hands. Such an interior will not have anyone else.



With the advent of the age of electricity, candles have moved into the category of decorations. There are floating, scented or decorating the interior, even if they are not lit. The main difference between them is size and shape.

Long cone-shaped candles, called table candles, are used to maintain a classic style. They are placed on heavy metal or light glass candelabras, depending on the direction of the overall interior style.

Massive hemp candles are also good without a candlestick. They are placed in shallow vases, making compositions with twigs, shells, stones, in wide vessels, decorating them in the technique of decoupage. Placed on a platform, they can replace the whole chandelier. They will decorate a romantic evening, huddled in a small group in a false fireplace.

Pill candles can be allowed to float in the bath or flicker in a closed openwork candlestick. Here, the candle holder itself and the characteristic uneven burning of the candle come to the fore.

Unique candles are lit to create a special holiday mood. They can be so beautiful that it is a shame to waste them.

Techniques And Types of Lighting

Techniques And Types of Lighting

Every room needs not only a quality repair, stylistically aligned decor. The choice of lighting devices depends on the level of natural light, the purpose of the room, its overall style, color scheme, a set of surrounding furniture, decor.

Non-traditional lighting design is more acceptable in the living room. Here, as a rule, there are architectural elements that can be beaten by light. For a peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom does not need more than one chandelier and a few additional sources of soft light. Kitchen, bathroom, hallway need bright light, somewhere require lighting fixtures that work in several modes.

The art of proper lighting declares a few basic principles:

  1. Mixed system, which involves a combination of a ceiling chandelier with several additional sources in certain areas, is preferred.
  2. The type of luminaire and the intensity of the light it produces are chosen depending on the functional role of the room or its zone.
  3. Any lighting fixture is an element of interior style. The design of the light source, its color and finish are the final accents.

Multilevel lighting and illumination

Multilevel lighting


Any competent modern project provides for multilevel lighting. It is what transforms an ordinary room into a comfortable place to live. Lighting devices, placed at different levels, will make the room cozy, hide existing defects, set accents.

It should be prepared in advance, to calculate which of the light sources will carry a particular function, where they are best placed. Based on the objectives of the organization of lighting, each of the lamps has its own positive and negative properties. Ability to adjust the brightness, the presence of throughput switches will contribute to convenience, will help to save energy resources.

Elements of decorative lighting in niches

decorative lighting in niches

The wall niche will look much more interesting if it is effectively illuminated. Diffused light will give the atmosphere of the room a completely different look. If the niche is used as a shelf, you can highlight certain items with lighting.

You can illuminate the niche in two different ways:

  1. Spot lights. In the bedside niche they will replace a sconce or night light. Wiring is a rather labor-intensive process, which is why they are installed mainly where they make new wiring.
  2. LED strip. The method is simpler and cheaper. The tape is attached after the niche is ready. Just glue the sticky side, not even particularly caring about the symmetry of the bulbs. The diffused light hides all the imperfections.
  3. Spotlights with directional radiation.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting

Accent lighting can be used to create a more chamber-like atmosphere in a room or to illuminate things that one wants to highlight. This lighting can have a purely decorative purpose: to highlight a beautiful curve of furniture or a mirror, or practical: to illuminate the podium, stairs, bedside table. In the types of accent lighting is worth sorting out.

Sharp. Used to pick out of the darkness a small patch. It is better to use for this purpose spot lights, equipped with a fluorescent lamp.

Softened. Create with the help of spot LED fixtures with dimmer control. Illuminated objects are clearly visible, but do not abuse the attention to themselves.

Soft light. Formed by frosted plafonds. In this way you can highlight, for example, an object of art, to which the bright rays are harmful.

Lighting with candles

Lighting with candles

Lighting candles creates an atmosphere of relaxation. It is both a decor and unobtrusive dim lighting. Candles should match the theme of the room. Color, shape, texture of products selected under the rest of the decor.

Sometimes they become an independent element of decoration, placed in small plates or even in large vessels. Being grouped by shape and texture, candles become the center of a composition, such as a large fireplace.

Candles are used to create beauty on a tabletop or shelf while combining with other decor. Such a lighting element is appropriate to create a romantic mood in the bathroom or bedroom, gives rise to a sense of celebration, especially in combination with other decorations and garlands. Creative approach to decorating candles and candlesticks is welcome.

Spectacular shelf lighting

Spectacular shelf lighting

Shelves are a very practical old invention. Open shelves are usually used to put things you want to have easy access to or to draw attention to. Sometimes they are located in a dark room, such as in a corridor, then you need lighting to highlight on them some elements of decor or photos, cups, other accessories and useful little things. Backlit wall shelves will make the room cozier and warmer.

LED lighting is in extraordinary demand today. Different forms, mounting methods can be complemented by implementing lighting with your own hands. In the small space of the bathroom accentuate the place of storage of beauty products. Shelves with lighting look spectacular in the living room or bedroom in the modern style. Tableware, crystal glasses will turn into works of art in the soft glow of candles.

Lighting the floor or the bottom tier of the room

Lighting the floor

The division of lighting levels into several groups achieves efficient use of light at different times of the day or depending on the type of activity in the room. The organization of the lighting of the lower tier is made with floor lamps, devices built into the lower part of the furniture, skirting or walls.

Stairs in a private home – an element of lighting decor

Stairs in a private home - an element of lighting decor

Elements of decorative lighting can be as many as you like. As for the stairs or floor, they need lighting, not only because it looks fresh, but also from the point of view of practicality.

Staircases are usually lit from the side where they meet the wall. Light sources are designed either on each step or one or two. The degree of illumination, shades are regulated with the help of several switches.


The lighting of the dwelling will be ideal if it is movable and varied. A combination of relaxing diffused and bright beams of directional light is optimal. It is desirable to combine direct and reflected light, monochrome with polychrome. Proper selection of lighting devices affects not only the eyes, it contributes to the productive work of the brain and a good rest.

Interior lighting design is as much art as painting or graphics. The most tempting thing about it is that with a well-thought-out arrangement of various lighting fixtures, the festive mood is created without much trouble, without going to waste on redesigns.

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