If a person is greeted by the clothes, the first idea of the design of the apartment or house are received from the decor of the hallway. Entrance hall, corridor – parts of the room with which the guest begins to get acquainted with the house. By the way they are decorated, begin to judge the taste of the owners. Therefore, an important role in the interior plays an illumination: it can decorate, emphasize the virtues of the room, correctly hide stylistic flaws. Ceiling pendant lamp – the main element of the overall lighting scenario. From the right choice of chandeliers depends on the first impression of visitors on the design of the hallway. Competently chosen chandeliers in the hallway and corridor leave a lasting impression and form an opinion about the design of the apartment or house as a whole.

Lighting For A Hallway

How to Choose a Chandelier in the Hallway

With the corridor and hallway begins any home and apartment. Their design should match the overall interior design of the room, as well as several other important requirements. Chandelier in the hallway with sufficient power must match the size of the room. Suspended volumetric models are ideal for a room with high ceilings. Sometimes, if the corridor is large and long, one chandelier is not enough. Then you can also place additional sources of light – floor lamps and sconces. For small rooms, models with mounting bars that are mounted in overhead mode are perfect. Increasingly popular today are track, spot lighting for the corridor and LED strip lights.

Fixtures in the hallway and hallway are usually chosen in light, pastel colors. Lighting these rooms should be moderately bright. Very often in the hallway set spotlights. They are good for their small size and high brightness (especially LED) perfectly illuminate all the dark corners of the hallway or corridor. In addition, such lights will look good in the corridors of office, administrative or commercial buildings. Their brevity and power help to illuminate any area well. And the choice of the number of fixtures is simplified by their simplicity and similarity to each other. Build a “line” of recessed spotlights or place them on the walls and ceiling – the choice is yours!

Choosing a chandelier takes into account not only the selection of its style. Of course, the chandelier and the room need to match, but the mere appearance of the chandelier is not enough. You also choose the model according to your need for brightness. An equally important factor that affects the choice – the squareness of the room and the height of the ceiling.

Choosing a chandelier

Quickly oriented with the size of the room and buy a model of necessary power will help a simple calculation:

  • in the hallway, hallway and hallway is recommended to buy a chandelier with a power of about 15 watts per 1 square meter, as for the kitchen and nursery;
  • for the living room – 20 watts per 1 sq.m;
  • for the bedroom – 10 W per 1 sq. m.

Parameters are given on the assumption that an incandescent bulb is used. If the fancy device has built-in or replaceable LED bulbs, the light source should have less power.

For high ceilings, a model that is attached to the ceiling with a hook, for low ceilings – a near-ceiling version with a mounting bar for installation.

If the corridor is too big or long, one, even a massive, chandelier with lamps may not be enough and should get a floor lamp or wall lamp. With this fixture the wall of the room and the pictures on it will look better. A good option is to provide additional lighting by installing one or more pendants. On the contrary, a bulky pendant lamp a small, narrow in size corridor will visually make even smaller.

Also increasingly popular are LED strips for corridor lighting. They will make the light in this room unobtrusive, muted, very comfortable and really home. LED lighting will fit harmoniously into any living room or corridor, decorated in a modern style.

You can install sconces or other lights, including ice, to accentuate a single interior detail. Let’s say you have paintings, a mirror, shelves with objects of art or decor in the hallway. Highlight them with a light stream – always winning and beautiful. The system of additional lighting for the living room and corridor will help you in this.

The main thing is to remember: for rooms with high ceilings will suit massive suspended models of lamps, which are mounted on a hook, and for the small-sized – ceiling chandeliers. Product design should complement the style of the corridor, not to fall out of the general concept and not to attract unnecessary attention. Consider this criterion in detail.

Styles of Chandeliers for the Corridor

Styles of Chandeliers for the Corridor

A chandelier made in the same style as the room should be used for installation. Classic models (as well as in the style of “empire”, “Venetian” and “Baroque”) correspond to the classic interior, which refers to the popular decoration of the houses of wealthy citizens, castles and palaces in the past.

The large classical chandeliers are characterized by the predominance of gold color, wrought iron elements and crystal decor in the form of pendants. Modern models ignore the decor, have simple forms, are mostly painted in pastel or monochrome tones.

For modern styles (“techno”, “high-tech”, “minimalism”, “Scandinavian” and others) should use multifunctional ceiling fixtures that allow you to adjust the brightness and color of light, turn on automatically and regulated by the remote or sensor panel.

Innovative solutions of lighting technology allows you to direct the light in the desired direction and change the direction if necessary. This is very convenient for any room.

Chandelier for the Hallway

Chandelier for the Hallway

Stylistics and requirements for lighting the hallway are similar to the corridor. Common to them and the peculiarities of the color scheme. Chandeliers for the hallway should choose, based on the features of the ceiling. If you are looking for a light fixture for a suspended ceiling, it is worth paying attention to the method of mounting and the size of the chandelier itself.

The most popular color of the light source – white with variations of the pattern in light tones of other colors. Pastel shades are also among the leaders. These colors are universal, suitable for interiors of different design variations. Black is a rare color and therefore enrolled in the category of refined, noble. It is not easy to “fit” into the interior of the hallway, but the design with the use of black among the main colors is popular for the living room in an industrial style, as well as minimalism. Black makes the room gloomy, while the hallway requires light. Gold and bronze colors are popular for “classic” type pieces.

If the size of your room allows you to install a large lamp, then feel free to choose a pendant chandelier. They are ideal for the living room and hallway with high ceilings. These light fixtures can also be installed in conjunction with other lights that provide additional lighting – wall sconces, floor lamps, various lights, including LED. All this will look good in large living rooms or corridors.

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