The living room is a gathering place for the whole family, and it is important to think not only about comfortable places to relax, but also about the lighting in different areas. It is very important that the living room has an appropriate atmosphere. Everything matters: from the upholstery of the sofa to the floor lamp near the chair. Light is especially important. Here’s how to position lighting fixtures in your living room so that the ambiance is truly cozy.

Luminaires of Different Sizes

Choose Luminaires of Different Sizes

Take into account the shape and size of the room: a large space should have more light sources. If your apartment has low ceilings, then don’t use massive pendant chandeliers and light fixtures. If your room has high ceilings, feel free to choose large fixtures.

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Light For Reading

Lights For Reading

Floor lamps can help make the room feel larger and cozier and get rid of the darkened corners. You should have a floor lamp next to each chair outside the sofa area in case you want to read a book or work on your laptop.

Sconces in the Seating Area

Choose Sconces in the Seating Area

Make a bet on local lighting: the living room is most often used for reading books and socializing in a family circle. Hang a sconce with an elongated base, a lampshade, or crystal pendants above the sofa – they will not only provide comfortable light, but also make the environment more cozy. Do not leave the lamp without a lampshade: it will look unfinished, and the bright light of an uncovered lamp irritates the eyes.

Muted Light From Lamps

Muted Lights From Lamps

Table lamps can be paired if placed on the edges of a shelf, console or on identical stands on either side of the sofa. The diffused light from them is unlikely to be suitable for work, but will create a cozy atmosphere. Choose models of interesting shape, with designer lampshades – additional decor will not be superfluous.

Decorative Mood Lighting

Choose Decorative Mood Lighting

Not all lights in a room have to be functional: to create a relaxing atmosphere, sometimes purely decorative light sources are needed. For example, fun table lamps, bottle lights, and lanterns that mimic candlelight.

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