Faulty LED lights sometimes start flashing in short bursts after they are turned off. The corresponding “defect” can also appear when the device is in operation. Some particularly impressionable such a phenomenon scares. Note that often visually the malfunction is almost not visible, especially if several LED lights are working at the same time. The mentioned disadvantage is easy to notice when shooting a video. Next, let’s analyze the causes.

Poor-Quality LED Lighting Fixture 

Poor-Quality LED Lighting Fixture 

In flicker mode, LEDs can work for quite a long time. They burn out much later. Naturally, a blinking lamp can not be considered the norm. Problems usually arise with devices, the price of which is 4-5 times lower than proven options. Before you buy LED lights, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the characteristics, the execution of the driver. The corresponding element guarantees a continuous flow of light due to the stabilization of the power supply in terms of current.

In cheap devices installed damping capacitors of small capacity. In principle, they are needed for the same purpose as drivers. The difference is the resource of capacitors, which is much lower. LED devices are known to be disposable. They are designed for a few hours of operation. Then the capacitor loses its properties, begins to bloat and, as a consequence, there is a flickering effect.

The price of the LED lamp should be a determining factor for the upcoming purchase. Cheap lamps can end up being more expensive than initially buying the right equipment. A simple arithmetic calculation will tell you that it will be more profitable to buy once a quality LED lamp than its regular replacement with a new device. You will spend your own money and personal time. 

LED Lighting Fixture And a Switch With Standby Lighting 

LED Lighting Fixture And a Switch With Standby Lighting 

Many may ask a logical question regarding the relationship of the elementary device with a blinking element of light? The answer. The backlit switch uses a separate circuit. It “pulls” some of the voltage when it is turned on, thereby creating a certain “imbalance” in the driver. This is one of the simplest explanations, if you don’t go into the specifics of networks and circuits. The way out is to remove the circuit board with the switch backlight built in.

Not a bad alternative is to connect an additional ceramic capacitor and resistance of the required rating in the circuit. Previously, it is necessary to perform a lighting power calculation. In addition, there are special blocks of protection against the flicker effect. On the Internet you can find recommendations to put a 1 megohm resistor in the circuit gap. We would like to note that this option can lead not only to over-voltage, but also to the ignition of wire insulation. 

LED Lights Led And Low Voltage 

All household devices are designed to work from 220/230 volts. Exceeding or decreasing this value can cause a malfunction. Protect the network from a voltage drop, lack of sufficient transformer power, phase imbalance will be able to stabilize the voltage or voltage relay. Despite the seemingly substantial costs at first glance, we note that in the end, your investment in security can more than pay for itself. It is desirable to buy lamps, pendant or overhead LED lights, designed to supply a wide range of 120…230 volts.

Illiterate Connection of The Lighting Fixture 

Illiterate Connection of The Lighting Fixture 

Often in the home we have to deal with low-skilled specialists – electricians. Some may not correctly perform zero and phase switching. The problem is especially acute in houses of old construction, with unmarked aluminum wires. Note that the switch should always be installed in the phase gap. “Reverse” connection can lead to “spikes” voltage on the driver and the appearance of flicker effect.

High-Frequency Noise in the Lighting System 

Lamps can start to flicker as a result of harmful radiation in excess of 2.4 GHz. It is often generated by household appliances. These include radiotelephones, satellite dishes, microwave ovens, and other equipment (usually of an older design). You can determine the presence of this kind of interference by indirect signs – distortion of images on the TV screen, the appearance of noise in the audio speakers. You can correct the situation by installing the appropriate filters in the network.

Is It Necessary to Change the Flickering Track LED Lights? 

In general, they can work for a very long time. The only thing you will have to put up with is the constant blinking of light, which almost always has an irritating effect on the human body. Let’s add that the light pulsation negatively affects our body, physiology, mental state. Faulty equipment can lead to loss of strength, headaches, dry eyes. So the answer regarding replacing flickering light sources is obvious – the sooner the better.

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